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    It works really fine :-) I could imagine to convert my archived extensions to Biskuit CMS and maybe we could rename this board, if brombinmirko agrees to this :-)
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    Unfortunately I discontinued my extensions because Pagekit is almost dead. But I am thinking about a port to the Pagekit-fork Biskuit :-)
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    Replied to the thread Biskuit just another fork.
    Hi Mirko,

    I have upgraded my existing 1.0.18 to biskuit 1.0.19 via zip artifact => I can confirm that it works seamlessly.

    I wish you guys a good work.
    I'd be glad to help developing, but I'm a DevOps :) and not a proper Dev.

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    I‘ll try migrating my pages tomorrow 😊
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    Biskuit is a pagekit fork created several months ago and brings with it many bugfixes and improvements.

    This is not a promotional post, the project was born as a personal need but is available to anyone who wants to contribute to development.

    We have…
  • mccarty13

    Hi all,

    I have installed the latest version of pagekit and everything else seems to be working fine.
    However, I wanted to create a 404 page, and to use Redirect exception handler to send the users to that page if "not found".

    However, all I get when…