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    Ok! That makes sense! thank you SPQ. Ok I was getting the v-model wrong. I had tried a mapping an array like the slideshow using. <div v-for="image in"> but that just broke everything so I've made sure I've got referenced and it works!

    One small problem. I've renamed "images" to "panel", now my frontend view wont render the image, I've used:

    <img src="<?= $panel->get('image.src') ?>" alt="<?= $panel->get('image.alt') ?>">

    Which doesn't work, the data looks like this:

    {"panel":{"image":{"src":"storage\/pagekit-logo.svg","alt":"Pagekit logo"},"header":"Header","text":"Text","link":"link","url":"@page\/1"}}

    I'm rendering the other data ok, like <h3><?= $panel['header'] ?></h3> works

    It's just the image.

    Probably something simple. Any ideas?

    Many Thanks,

    Leanne :)

    Hey, Ok sorry If I'm not explaining this well.

    I have a backend-widget that has a settings-tab.

    The widget is visible on the backend and frontend but the data isn't saved to the db, so when I save the data in the backend it doesn't store anything.

    My widget view was based on…iews/widget/slideshow.php I've been using this extension as a guide.

    I can't see any issues on widget/panel.php, but data = 0, so it won't display anything in the frontend. If you've spotted anything wrong with my widget/panel.php can you point it out to me?

    I think there might be something wrong with the app component but I can't see anything there either:…app/components/widget.vue

    I've updated the index.php to include routes incase that was a problem.

    Other widgets are saving fine, so it's only an issue with my widget.

    I'm not sure what to try next. :/

    Hello, yes that's me. I lost my password to the other account, I'm actually not sure I know a password to this one but hey ho, hopefully I'll still get in.

    Ok I solved that problem. I hadn't linked the right file name! doh! The first thing I should have checked! FACEPALM.

    Now I've got another problem where the content isn't passing to the view. When I checked It's not storing the data to the database.

    I'm thinking of trying to add another "Save" button in, I don't know if that would work. Or maybe I need to config the fields with default values. I'm referencing props: ['widget, ''config', 'form'].

    Hopefully I'll figure it out :) Any ideas where to look?

    Hi Guys,

    I'm creating a simple widget so that a user can add an image, a link, title and text to a section on a page using a widget.

    I've created the extension, checked other system files and extensions, I can enable it, I ran webpack so my js should be ok, My namespace looks ok, but when I try to add the widget in the front-end my custom fields are not showing. I just get the title field and that's it.

    I put files on github:

    Can anyone spot what I've done wrong? Or have any advice?

    Many Thanks,


    So I can see I can change node-page.vue to this:

    1. <div class="uk-form-row">
    2. <v-editor :value.sync="page.content" :options="{markdown :}"></v-editor>
    3. <v-editor :value.sync="page.side" :options="{markdown :}"></v-editor><p>
    4. <label><input type="checkbox" v-model=""> {{ 'Enable Markdown' | trans }}</label>
    5. </p>
    6. </div>

    I have a new column in my database called "side"

    How do I then translate that onto my template.php?

    I thought it would be something like this?

    1. <?php if ($page['side']) : ?>
    2. <?= $view->render('side') ?>
    3. <?php endif ?>

    Any thoughts what I'm missing here?

    Thanking you.


    I'm trying to add a new field to the Site > Page > "Content" tab.

    I can easily update the 'themes' tab with images etc but I'm trying to figure out how to extend the "content" tab in 'site'.

    Basically I need to add a text intro section on each page, and possibly an aside element for images. I can't do it with widgets as the content will be different with every page, I can't use shortcodes as it's a bit more complicated that just snippets of info.

    Any ideas where to start? what I should look for? Has anyone else already done this or something similar?

    Many thanks,


    hi SPQRInc Yes indeed the "shortcode" extension, and a text widget. I thought this might be included in the Tinymce extension, so I can specify where I want the Tinymce applied, but I've taken a look at the Tinymce extension and can't see where it specifies replacing the existing editor. So wondering how I'd get round this, and if I can target specific editors. Any ideas where I should look? :)

    Hello guys. Ok, I'm trying to add some standard jQuery to a theme, and it's just not working.

    I'm testing this:

    1. $("h3:contains('quote')").css( "color", "red" );

    I've also tryed

    1. $( document ).ready( function() {
    2. $("h3:contains('quote')").css( "color", "red" );
    3. )};
    1. $("h3").css( "color", "red" );

    None of it works.

    I'm loading jquery before my js/theme.js

    1. <?php $view->script('theme-jquery', 'theme:js/jquery.min.js') ?>
    2. <?php $view->script('theme', 'theme:js/theme.js') ?>

    I've also tried loading jquery from google into the header in settings.

    It seems that everything is loading.

    But it doesn't seem to understand standard jQuery?

    I need to add loads of javascript, and none of it works. I'm getting worried now as I've built an entire site now using pagekit and I'm terrified I'll have to do it all again in wordpress :(

    Can someone please help me? ;(;(X(;(

    Even if you can show me someone elses jquery so I can see what's different.

    Thank you!