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    i have to create an extension with many tables and relations.

    Now i know how to fetch related data but i don't know how to set some related data.

    Can you give me advice how to do that with the different relation types?

    Can you dump out the content of $config?

    Ok i think it's the best way to use vuejs to display date values in the frontent. So you are able to use timezone settings as well.

    I think they have already invested so much work in pagekit, that they don't let it die.

    It's a great, new base to create clean and fast websites. I really like the work with pagekit.

    The only thing is: The guys from YooTheme should spend a little bit more time in Communication around the project an it's plans for the future.

    I had allready asked Sasha about their plans with pagekit. He told me follwing:


    we are currently working on UIkit 3 and YOOtheme Pro (a theme / page builder for Joomla and WordPress and later Pagekit )

    it will be our focus till summer

    once UIkit 3 and YOOtheme Pro ( are feature complete, we will start getting both into Pagekit

    That's a messsage from the 2.3.2017.

    So i think we have to wait a little bit until yootheme will continue pagekit development.

    I'm a little bit afraid about a complete new release with no possibility to update to this version.

    If you take a look at vue.js, what's a big part of pagekit, you'll see that pagekit uses version 1.x. There is vue.js 2.x available. This brings a lot of changes!

    It really would be great to get something like an roadmap.


    in my extension i have an date object. In my view file i want to display the short version of the month name (f.e: Dez instead of Dezember).

    As you can see i want to use the german translation of the month name. Now i found following file in the pagekit core app/system/languages/de_DE/formats.json

    This file contains exactly that what i need. :-)

    No the big question is, how to use it? I tried something like

    1. <?php
    2.     echo __("May");
    3. ?>

    but this will only return May

    There is no topic about this in the pagekit docs... maybe someone had the same problem and found a solution for that.



    Ähhhm it's very very basic... xD



    So you mean in my case i should use

    1. window.Widgets.components['LRMedien-testwidget:settings'] = module.exports;

    I tried it out, but it's still the same result: I get only the title input field... :-/

    No unfortunately it's not in Github, but i can send you my code:





    at the moment i'm trying to create an frontend widget for my extension. For doing so i tried to use the official pagekit docs.

    I must say that the part for widget creating is very very basic stuff. With this informations it's not possible to create a own widget.

    Pagekit Docs

    At the moment i have some Problems to create a customized setup screen for my new widget. I figured out that i have to create a vue-file and register it in the events section of the widget definition as they do it in the user login widget:

    1. 'events' => [
    2. 'view.scripts' => function ($event, $scripts) use ($app) {
    3. $scripts->register('widget-login2', 'system/user:app/bundle/widget-login.js', ['~widgets', 'input-link']);
    4. }
    5. ],

    I think, the widget-login.vue is responsible for creating the configuration form, right? BUT: I can put all content i want in this file, but it will not appear in the backend widget settings screen. I will always only get an Title field:

    Can somebody explain what to do for setting up an own setup screen?

    Thanks a lot!