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    i'd like to use UIkit3 as my primary framework in a new extension.
    How would you do that? I'd like to use UIkit 3 in the frontend and the backend.

    I suggest i have to prefix UIkit3 to avoid conflicts with the native framework of pagekit backend.

    How can i automate following steps in the build process of my extension

    • check/fetch newest uikit version
    • prefix UIkit
    • Compile sass customisations
    • put compiled files into assets folder of my extension...


    i have a question about a behavior that i don't understand.

    In my ModelTrait i have an method defined that delivers products grouped by product category. i did it like that:

    The type of the returning variable is an array.

    In the Controller that renders my page i called it like this:

    When i take a look at the vue dev tools, productsByCategory is an Object now. I really don't know why. Where is the trick to works with the original array?

    I hope somebody can help me...


    i just created an template based on uikit 3 for pagekit. Now i need to implement an Contact Form.

    Until now, i allways used formmaker but it's not compatible with uikit 3.

    So i looked at the sources of formmaker, because i wanted to write an view override for that. The problem is, that it's rendered by vuejs. So i can't create an override.

    Is somebody working on an extension for creating simple forms?

    It seems there's a possibility built in pagekit to use monolog for logging actions.

    If you take a look at the index.php in the pagekit root directory, you'll find an definition for the logging-path.

    How can i configure Monolog to write in this directory?


    i'd like to start a new topic about your development environment. What tools are you using for local development?

    At the moment i'm using MAMP as local webserver stack on my mac. Are there smater alternatives.

    I'm really interested in optimization my workflow.


    can somebody explain how to register a new node in my extension?

    I figured out that an additional vue-component is needed that will set the


    This must be registered here in the index.php of the extension:

    1. 'nodes' => [
    2. 'name_of_node' => [
    3. 'name' => '@my-extension/name_of_node',
    4. 'label' => 'My Label',
    5. 'controller' => 'lrmedien\\MyExtension\\Controller\\MyController',
    6. ]
    7. ],

    If not doing this, you can't save new page of type of the new node in the Admin-Area.

    The exception tells that must be set.

    For what is this link standing for? Where is it used? I did not found anything about that in the docs.

    I did it like this now:

    1. <script>
    2. function test(arg) {
    3. console.log(arg);
    4. }
    5. </script>
    6. <my-component link-callback="test"></my-component>

    in my component i make this: