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    My last five cents here:

    • Pagekit is a great product. I consider myself a technical literate and have worked with quite a few CMS in the past, be it Websitebaker (really tiny) to Wordpress and Joomla. All of these systems had their drawback, from being too simple (Websitebaker) to non-intuitive (such as Joomla and to some extent also October). What I like about Pagekit is that you install it, log in and it is more or less clear who you get the content in and have a very simple site up and running in a couple of minutes.
    • For the past 9 months, I have been quite active with Pagekit. What I missed is the wealth of Extensions and Themes in the Marketplace as other CMS have it. I initially started writing Extensions and now Themes. What I realized is that the respective documentation and examples on the Pakekit homepage are simply "not good enough" to get people attracted to writing Extensions. If you asked me for a wish list, I would like to have a proper documentation and sample Extensions that have to typical stuff in, such as (i) system and page attributes (incl. the php code to write them back to the database); (ii) examples how to access system-related variables, such as the root of Pagekit, its Storage folder, ...; (iii) a script that I can run with parameters, such as mercator/myplugin and it changes all the variables in the examples, so it becomes "my" plugin.
    • Themes are actually not that difficult - but you need to code in PHP, even if you just want to arrange your building blocks in a certain way. I would have appreciated if Pagekit would make this easier. It would actually be quite straight-forward to implement a template you can adequately parameterize (I will probably do that over the next couple of weeks). People could then focus on the CSS-related definitions, for which we also would need something that is easily customizable. Probably, this could be done with an Extension that is good enough for many people, who just want to get a personal homepage with limited customization. While this is not good enough for professional sites, it might be good enough for many users.
    • While writing Extensions and Theme is often about fun as opposed to making money, I would appreciate a "Payable Marketplace" as well as the option to have people buy a plugin from a self-hosted website, which then can pull updates from a self-hosted repository.

    It is all about simplicity and making it easier for people to develop would attract more programmers and agencies. If I had the time and all relevant skills (such as Vue and UIKit), I would probably fork Pagekit and start it from there. As I said at the beginning, designing a new CMS is a real art (or science) and you need the right skillset, which is hard to find on the market.

    First of all, thanks for your contribution and feedback. From my point of view, the pagekit community should have a joint approach and communication towards YOOtheme. There are still a lot of people who like this CMS very much or have setup nice projects. Sad to see, that we are only waiting for nothing.

    SPQRInc Fosphatic Duke

    Hi SAB ,

    thanks for your effort! :thumbup:

    Would it be possible to publish the extension on the pagekit marketplace?

    Not all users are able to handle GitHub. Furthermore the pagekit community / extensions need more visibility.

    Thanks in advance.

    Same here. When I update from 1.014 to 1.015, the progress bar shows 100% and the message "Preparing update... Your database is up to date" is displayed.

    However, obviously the installation has not been successful: "Pagekit 1.0.15 is available. Update now!"

    The error console does not show anything. What exactly do I have to do to identify the reason for the failure?

    I had no problems in the past.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ben If I understand correctly you. You want to more beautiful blog template. İf you want to this. You send me message. I can create a new blog template for your web site theme.

    No, this seems to be a misunderstanding. I just mentioned that I like the former formatting of the blog teaser view better.

    More important, I would kindly ask you to fix those two bugs and/or provide further information.

    - If you add a tag, you cannot save the blog entry any longer. As you confirm tags pressing the ENTER key it is possible to create tags. However, this might be annoying if you e.g. want to modify the content itself and add tags at the same time.

    - Obviously, the post styles are not working. If you choose gallery and click the image, a dialogue with a button "new field" is displayed. Nothing to do there.

    I also don't understand the difference between the styles. Can I somewhere see how they are intended to work / look like?

    If required, I can provide access. Thanks in advance.

    Highly appreciated. This was already on my agenda, especially because of the mobile view.

    Until now, I have adjusted the first page:

    More to come. Thanks once again.

    You are absolutely right. Unfortunately, I created those structure / classes before dealing with UIkit more in detail. Will optimize the code as soon as possible.

    Just out of curiosity: how exactly would you refactor the following source code (see to get a similar / the same result?

    Hi there,

    I'm using "Listings" to display list categories / items. Therefore I have created the following custom template:

    Here you can see the output of the code above:

    Can someone tell me how to style the tags so that they look like tags? ;)

    I have found those two classes within the listings documentation:

    itemTagsContainer uk-margin-top uk-text-bold uk-text-primary
    itemTag uk-badge

    Any further suggestions / recommendations?

    Thanks in advance,


    Latest update and new Package for dpnblog


    thanks for fixing the issues above.

    I have encountered some more tonight:

    - If you add a tag, you cannot save the blog entry any longer. As you confirm tags pressing the ENTER key it is possible to create tags. However, this might be annoying if you e.g. want to modify the content itself and add tags at the same time.

    - Obviously, the post styles are not working. If you choose gallery and click the image, a dialogue with a button "new field" is displayed. Nothing to do there.

    I also don't understand the difference between the styles. Can I somewhere see how they are intended to work / look like?

    I would love to provide further feedback.


    Some more details:


    - When updating the extension from 1.x to 2.0.7, all blog entries are unpublished


    - When you select the tab "Categories", the headline "undefined Categories" is displayed

    - When you click the button "Add Category", a dialogue displaying "Wait..." opens. Nothing more happens. Categories cannot be created.


    - Blog entries cannot be opened (see log)

    1/1ContextErrorException in SocialShare.php line 19:Notice: Undefined index: meta

    1. in SocialShare.php line 19
    2. at ErrorHandler->handleError('8', 'Undefined index: meta', '/var/www/k24952w3/htdocs/packages/pastheme/dpnblog/src/Event/SocialShare.php', '19', array('event' => object(ContentEvent), 'post' => object(Post))) in SocialShare.php line 19
    3. at SocialShare->onContent(object(ContentEvent))
    4. at call_user_func_array(array(object(SocialShare), 'onContent'), array(object(ContentEvent))) in WrappedListener.php line 63
    5. at WrappedListener->__invoke(object(ContentEvent))
    6. at call_user_func_array(object(WrappedListener), array(object(ContentEvent))) in EventDispatcher.php line 123
    7. at EventDispatcher->trigger(object(ContentEvent), array()) in TraceableEventDispatcher.php line 126
    8. at TraceableEventDispatcher->trigger(object(ContentEvent), array()) in EventTrait.php line 57
    9. at Application::trigger(object(ContentEvent)) in ContentHelper.php line 19
    10. at ContentHelper->applyPlugins('A visit at the Munich Salesforce office this week reminded me of Google Cloud Summit in December, as both companies are located in the same building called <a href="" target="_blank">"KONTORHAUS"</a>. <br /><br /> December? You know... time flies and sometimes you don't have the leisure to put down your thoughts and impressions to paper.', array('post' => object(Post), 'markdown' => false)) in BlogController.php line 78
    11. at BlogController->postAction('5')
    12. at call_user_func_array(array(object(BlogController), 'postAction'), array('5')) in ControllerListener.php line 60
    13. at ControllerListener->executeController(object(ControllerEvent), object(Request))
    14. at call_user_func_array(array(object(ControllerListener), 'executeController'), array(object(ControllerEvent), object(Request))) in WrappedListener.php line 63
    15. at WrappedListener->__invoke(object(ControllerEvent), object(Request))
    16. at call_user_func_array(object(WrappedListener), array(object(ControllerEvent), object(Request))) in EventDispatcher.php line 123
    17. at EventDispatcher->trigger(object(ControllerEvent), array(object(Request))) in TraceableEventDispatcher.php line 126
    18. at TraceableEventDispatcher->trigger(object(ControllerEvent), array(object(Request))) in HttpKernel.php line 148
    19. at HttpKernel->handleController() in HttpKernel.php line 77
    20. at HttpKernel->handle(object(Request)) in Application.php line 67
    21. at Application->run() in app.php line 24
    22. at require_once('/var/www/k24952w3/htdocs/app/system/app.php') in index.php line 42

    Fosphatic Duke:

    Honestly, I don't want to adjust files of an extension to change the blog item preview to restore the former status.

    That's why I provided my (subjective) feedback and kindly asked for some option to configure the layout.

    Thanks in advance.

    New version is published - Version 2.0.7 :evil::saint:


    Dpnblog views updating for Ankara Theme at weekend

    Thanks. Unfortunately, I'm facing several - partly severe - issues after update to the new version ;(

    - blog entries have been unpublished... of course easy to fix

    - "undefined categories" in the setup. Categories cannot be created: "Waiting". However, they still are displayed in the frontend.

    - blog entries cannot be opened anymore: "Whoops, looks like something went wrong"

    Furthermore I liked the former teaser view better than the current - horizontally divided - one. Is there are way to provide some layout variants?

    I had to switch back to the standard blog.

    But the extension can be updated afterwards? : Hi Yunus. First of all, thanks for your extension. I have tried it yesterday on my personal blog, but I am facing two issues:

    - Tags can only consist of one word, as space separates the tages. If you try to avoid that by pasting e.g. "Google Cloud Summit", the tag is named "GoogleCloudSummit".

    - Obviously, the blog entries don't have a search engine friendly URLs. The URL looks like

    And one more question: Will the blog widget also work with your extension?

    Honestly, I am still not totally convinced that it is the right way to deviate from pagekit standard, although I would love to use categories and tags.

    Thanks in advance for your support. Keep up the good work.

    Best regards,