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    Sorry, I didn't understand.

    What is this ?

    Can you explain it to me in simple words?

    And how to install it?

    > Biskuit is a pagekit fork created several months ago and brings with it many bugfixes and improvements.

    This is pagekit with many bugfixes and improvements.


    Download the latest release from Releases section (1.0.19). Here you can choose 2 type of download:

    - webhosting version that is immediately ready to use and works on a web hosting

    - normal version that requires installation of dependencies via composer and npm

    Probably in your case you have to go like this:

    - Download latest webhosting release here

    - Unzip on your domain root

    - Visit your domain

    Update from pagekit

    To update from pagekit or an older version you need to overwrite the files with new ones. Be careful not to delete old files, you need to overwrite them. Do not delete any files, specifically the config.php file which contains the configuration of your current installation.

    Biskuit is a pagekit fork created several months ago and brings with it many bugfixes and improvements.

    This is not a promotional post, the project was born as a personal need but is available to anyone who wants to contribute to development.

    We have a list of features that we would like to develop that everyone can contribute to:

    At the moment we are busy creating the new marketplace for the management of updates and distribution of packages.

    Latest changelog

    • Upgrade uikit to version 2.27.5 (#11)
    • Upgrade composer to version 1.9
    • Upgrade symfony to version 4.3
    • Upgrade twig to version 2.11
    • Updated other dependencies
    • Added the possibility to nicely integrate an amphtml link (#3)
    • Added support for webp in finder
    • Changed primary color in backend
    • Added GitHub reference in backend
    • Removed checking for .htaccess file in Nginx server during installation (#15)
    • Now at least version 7.2.0 of PHP is required


    • Upgrade symfony/http-foundation to version 3.4.35 #14
    • Password recovery allows user account enumeration #10
    • CSRF vulnerability in Finder, discovered by Christian Bortone #39


    • Disabled swipe on text selection #1
    • Avoid setting cookie_path if session was already started #2
    • Exception: Warning: filemtime().. #4
    • Unknown database type enum requested #5
    • Fix heading anchor parsing in the Render.php #6
    • Warning: "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break".. #12


    Hoping not to have created spam, we wish you a good continuation. <3