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    For devs maybe less interesting, but for end users, I can highly recommend Publii CMS. It's just as easy as pk and much faster. Ideal for smaller websites. I have created my company page with it and until very satisfied.

    Before i used pagekit over 2 years. Its a pity that it wasnt developed further but life goes on

    yes but the tags are required by the google bot, so there is no chance to use your extension in this case :)

    its doesnt matter if inline or as file, google just doesnt recognize it, it needs the full code with tags in the given order

    are you using structured data ? please give it a try by yourself then you will see,

    btw this topic shhould be moved to seo, right ?

    The result in a few words: YooTheme would love to see more user input.

    Hm, but what does he exactly mean ? For me as a user i dont see many ways to give them any input. I already told others about pagekit and wrote about my experiences with pk, but what what else can i do as a non-dev ?

    i strongly recoomend you to use Roman`s assets extension.

    you can override and have different css (paddings for example) on different pages , thats exactly what i did

    I will be off for holidays soon and at the place where we stay there isnt any network, wifi, 3G or whatever. In short words: I am lost !

    Would it be possible to setup a pagekit installation that runs locally on my computer (mamp server) that works without any network connection ?

    Well then it is pretty easy to do so if you install roman's asset extension for pagekit!

    Just install it and create a new css asset with following content, that you probably need to adjust slightly:

    Well now each element that is tagged as .zoom-box should be scaled on mouse over.

    i stripped down the code a little bit, this works perfect fo me

    my first intention was that the cookie decline button leads the user to a static "sorry, good bye" page

    maybe this scenario will become real in the future, who knows ;)

    yes, deleting browsercache was the solution !

    greetings to Avenwedde, just realized that you live in the neighbourhood :)

    and thanks for the example, for some reasons the decline button is not showing up

    i deleted romans extensin first, then intalled yours, it gave a mismatch error but installed itself, i deleted cache and treid again, nope