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    As a try, I translated SPQR/LoremIpsum messages.php file in french, and I put it in a folder named fr_FR.

    When using the extension in a page, I still get the text of the window in english.

    What have I missed ?

    Hi! That should work.

    Please, provide us the project folder tree and messages.php file

    Think I've found something!

    You should change the file app\system\modules\theme\views\error.phpto any custom template you want.

    I've just tried to copypaste packages\pagekit\theme-one\views\template.php and it seems to work, however the logo doesn't render. Now I have some other things to do, but i think that later I'll be able to come back to this problem.

    I think I will translate messages.php. Do I only have to create languages/ru_RU/messages.php file with the translation? Which extension do you want me to start with?

    Are you a developer, who wants his extension to be translated to as many languages as possible?

    Are you a user, who wants to contribute and translate an extension to your native language?

    Let's cooperate!

    Well, I suppose that Uikit is not loaded by default in every custom theme.

    E.g. - Theme Hello, which is a blueprint for theme developers. It only loads theme.cssand theme.js that could contain any code from any framework.

    So the design could be destoyed when Bootstrap is used instead of Uikit.

    Sounds cool,

    Maybe we can make a deal: I will refactor your extension and add custom options, so you can add it to the marketplace :-)

    Oh, that sounds interesting :) but it would be fair if you will add it to the marketplace as an author with linking on me as a contributor, because you will have a lot more to do than I've already done :) so, If you are interested, I can send you the source code tomorrow. Just send me your e-mail with the conversations.

    Hi, SPQRInc!

    I'm working on an extension, which will display a grid of a pre-templated elements. You can add and edit elements from the backend and you a grid with a "Load more" button appears in the frontend. I need it in my website I'm working on now.

    I was inspired by Snipcart's blog post on how to create Pagekit extensions.

    Actually, it's not easy for me, because I'm not a programmist, web development is just a hobby of mine, so I have very little experience in it. The most recent project I did was in 2010, when even jQuery was not very popular :) That was a quite simple Joomla 1.6-based website with few php inserts I made for my needs.

    Now it's 2017 and I decided to start a new web project. I was shocked on how many frameworks were developed over the past few years: Doctrine, Symfony, Vuejs - all these words sounded terrifying to me when I started. But now I'm getting used to it, as I read more and more manuals, try, play and gain experience.

    I'm not going to publish my extension on the marketplace by now, cause I'm to lazy to do custom options. If I want to change something, I just go directly to php files and change it there.

    Hello, Pagekitters!

    I'm sure everybody likes "Load more" button with lazy loading and rendering small portions of the data from MySQL on request.

    Here I will show you how I managed to create this button in my Pagekit extension.

    I think this post will be interesting for beginners (like me), but I hope even an experienced amature will find something useful. Let's go!

    What do I have:

    • A MySQL table containing many items separated in several columns

    What do I want:

    1. To render a 4x2 grid of the most recently added items (8 items in total)
    2. To render a "Load more" button which send next 8 items to my grid when clicked
    3. To destroy the button when there's nothing left to load
    4. Not to show the button if initial total number of items is 8 or less

    1 step: SiteController and views/index.php

    Great! Now first 8 items are loaded and rendered! Let's create a "loadmore" method for our button!

    First I will define a function, that sends a POST request to our controller, then I will deal with the response.

    2nd step - Vuejs methods, POST request and SiteController response:

    Works! Now a final note. If our initial number of items is 8 or less (nothing more to load) we don't want a button to be rendered at all. Let's add one more function to our items.js. We will use "created" option for that.

    JavaScript: items.js
    1. created: function () {
    2. if ($total < 1) {
    3. this.showbutton = false;
    4. }
    5. }

    Now everything should work well!

    Now we have:

    1. A button that loads 8 more items in a lazy way
    2. The button disappears when there is nothing more to load
    3. The button does not appear if the initial number of items is 8 or less

    Thank you for reading this quite long post

    Hi, LRMiloef! Welcome to our forum :)

    Unfortunately, there is still very few manuals for Pagekit.

    You can take a look at some system files located in




    and try to understand the logic of application, so you can create your own plugin.