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    I am interested in modules such as:

    • Online store (including Russian payment systems)
    • Forum
    • The blog
    • A full-fledged and convenient constructor of communication forms
    • Full-fledged photo and video gallery
    • reCaptcha 3
    • Google Maps
    • Facebook instagram, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte social networks integration
    • WhatsApp Integration
    • Beautiful and convenient portfolio
    • File directory ( so that users can download files from this folder )
    • Statistics
    • SEO module
    • Online recording
    • The online chat consultant
    • Geo IP
    • Faq
    • Sliders
    • Menu generator of any complexity
    • Surveys
    • Ability to select languages on the site

    I think that then this CMS would be just perfect for ordinary users
    I can also translate modules from English to Russian

    As for the update, it will not be provided by the admin panel because at the moment it still uses the pagekit API and not biskuit but we will publish the simple procedure for the update.

    This is very bad

    In this case I will unfortunately have to look for an alternative to PageKit :(
    By the way, after the last update, most of the extensions presented in the Store no longer work

    Before that they worked perfectly on the site

    I was very disappointed

    And without updating extensions, why would I need PageKit?

    Ie Pagekit with each new update

    Right-click disconnect script on the site

    Maybe somebody could use it.

    You just create a widget and paste that code in there.

    Then you save it in Offcanvas mode.

    Hello !

    Buy modules for PageKit

    1. Complete online course module (or LMS) with payment for classes

    2. Template editor module (CSS, JS, Uikit 2).

    The module translation language should be Russian.

    Please immediately write a price specifying a demo site with a working module (+ access to admin) and a brief description of the modules.

    Please send me your suggestions at

    Are you using a release or source code?
    Btw enable debug to see more informations about error.

    brombinmirko, I have now reinstalled the clean version 1.0.17 and upgraded to 1.0.18.

    Everything seems to be working fine now.

    And before that, I upgraded version 1.0.17 to version 1.0.18 and immediately installed the 1.0.19 .

    After the update, the modules from the add-on directory of the official website stopped downloading.

    The error I showed you in the screenshot above, which I deleted with the message.

    At the moment, everything seems to be working fine for now.

    Except I can't put a widget in the HERO position on the main site. I'm putting it in, but it's a miserable picture, not the right size.

    Thank you very much for the update

    Everything went without any problems

    It's very nice to know that some people care about the fate of such a great CMS as PageKit !

    8) :thumbup:


    I am building one complete ecommerce plugin and with N Level of Categories and Products with prices etc, I will update you asap it will be complete.


    Please tell me, have you not developed an online store module yet?