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    Just in case anyone else comes across a similar issue to me on this one, I actually fixed it by doing something quite simple, and perhaps obvious.

    Whilst following Roman's guide, I was expecting Webpack to create the directories and files, but for some reason it was throwing an error as mentioned in my first post. I got around it by simply creating the file and hey presto, it worked!

    I went back to Roman's blog to finish it off, and got a new message on it (see attached image), which makes me think I might as well give up now :( My extension did install though, so at least I know I can develop if I want to.

    It's such a shame that Yootheme got us all excited about this and then just left it behind. Who knows, maybe they will pick it up again, but what's the point in going back to it if they just let it rot for another two years?

    I have to admit, October looks really nice to use!


    Hi, sorry but as I wrote today on the Discord we are leaving Pagekit and moving or 20 or so little sites to something else. What I don't know. Maybe Liferay.

    I still like Pagekit but development from the Yootheme guys has pretty much come to dead stop, there are too many things missing for too long.

    Hi Nick

    Out of curiosity, what things are missing for you? I'm just trying to balance up using Pagekit or not for a new project, because I simply love it, but maybe since Yootheme seem to not be bothered about it, neither should I, I have just always loved UiKit more than Bootstrap, and it seems like everything else just wants to use Bootstrap. Also my previous experience of a CMS was Joomla, and then I found Pagekit and for some reason felt loyal to it :(

    I was using Pagekit for months, it is a great CMS, I like it, very simple, But for some reason, I transfer my blog to another CMS, one of them was there is the future of Pagekit is not clear, now I am using Bludit as blog Platform, So simple but it's OK for blogging.

    Bludit looks really cool! Just had a quick look and that seems MAD, storing everything in files! Definitely worth another look :)



    Also, when Pagekit first came out, I had no idea about frameworks, but since working a lot with Symfony, I understand it a lot better. I'm new to vue, webpack and most things node as I'm more of a backend developer, but it would be very exciting if someone would fork Pagekit and takeover. It could never be me, but it would be great to get involved

    Thanks for your reply Fossy

    I'll give October a look at. I originally didn't have a look because of my familiarity with Symfony, but I guess how hard can it be to check out another framework? I'm sure I could manage that :)

    I just quickly installed October so will have a play, but I don't think I'm giving up on Pagekit yet, if it's still possible to get the old packages needed then surely I must be able to get the right ones to get it working.



    Hi guys

    I really love Pagekit! I started using it a few years ago, and really got into it, but now since I'm having trouble developing anything in it because I simply seem to be unable to get webpack to work, I'm wondering what everyone else thinks about starting a new project on this CMS.

    Just a bit of background, I have never actually completed a project using Pagekit. I always used YT for my Joomla sites, and when I discovered Pagekit I loved the the modern design and the fact that the CMS wasn't so burdened by backwards compatibility, and got into developing extensions for fun back in 2017. I then moved on to some custom web applications and went straight to Symfony, but since I'm back to redesigning a website for an old client that's based on Joomla, I want to use Pagekit, but the lack of any upgrades and now the issues I'm having just trying to get it to work seems like it's more hassle than it's worth, but my alternative is going to build my own CMS from scratch based on Symfony, which just seems mad!

    I'm quite familiar with Symfony now, and I really like developing in it, but again, I ask myself why reinvent the wheel?

    I am using Roman's blog on how to develop in Pagekit, and the issue I'm having is with webpack. When I run webpack --optimize-minimize, my terminal outputs:

    1. Hash: 483ce605fe15c8191cdf
    2. Version: webpack 1.12.9
    3. Child
    4. Hash: 483ce605fe15c8191cdf
    5. Version: webpack 1.12.9
    6. Time: 28ms
    7. ERROR in Entry module not found: Error: Cannot resolve 'file' or 'directory' ./app/views/admin/settings.js in /Users/andrew/Sites/FC/fctheme

    My package.json reads:

    Although I am trying to develop a theme, and I'm sure I am following the wrong guide to do that, I have basically just followed Roman's blog up to part #5 and changed the vendor name and package to a theme, and I have tried modifying to match portions of Theme One, but so far the result is always the same when running webpack

    I guess my questions are multiple,

    1. Is there a newer, more relevant guide to follow?
    2. Is this an easy and obvious fix? Happy to post more code, but I'm pretty certain it's all almost the same to Roman's blog
    3. Is it worth trying to carry on with Pagekit (I'm sure I could get it to work eventually)
    4. Should I go and build it from scratch using Symfony (which I don't really want to do)
    5. Is there another, modern CMS that is receiving upgrades that is worth learning?