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    Well, a crowdfunding solution is a good idea, there are a lot of open source projects running on this base or with donations (crowdfunding is maybe for private projects), look at libreoffice that started from the base of what Openoffice was.

    First you need a team interested in working with the project, which look likes we don't have at the moment, a team commited to change what there is right now, update lot of things and to code a new marketplace probably from scratch, maybe even rename the project to something like LibrePage (joking). After a working prototype of that marketplace you can go looking for the donations, but without a working and fully open project I don't think people will join.

    But count me in for whatever you need.

    This is getting off the AMP topic but anyway let me know if I understood:

    Pagekit is still Open Source project (founded and "maintained" by Yootheme) under MIT license (as it's written on the web) what's the closed politics?

    is the Marketplace hosted by yootheme? is that the main problem?

    So the only way to continue is away form the marketplace (forums like this and self-hosted solutions)


    Thanks for the info.

    So Yootheme is not accepting new entries for the pagekit market? that's kind of sad, I find pagekit really easy to use and lightweight it's a pity to read that it's dead all over the forum.

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I recently discovered Pagekit.

    I'm starting a personal project with Pagekit and was wondering if this AMP extension is more or less ready to use (the beta verion on github) or if there are plans to launch it on the marketplace. Thanks