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    Hi guys,

    After testing I changed directory off pagekit.

    I pasted it from subdomain to main folder.

    All functions're working ok but when i try to download new plugins/themes from market i can see error:

    Hi CeLeS, the same problem is described here...

    The only way to change the css revision parameter is to change the secret string in the config.php file. This string is generated during installation and has no other purpose.

    Thanks for info. DO you tried to change htaccess? IN htaccess you can find 1 year caching for css and JS... when i changed to 0 seconds it help me :)

    Hi guys,

    I have problem because CSS didn't refresh on page... :( on source files have version ex. v=0443. I checked it and it's old version before changes :(

    I cleared cache in Pagekit and disable cache, in Chrome cleared too and i have still problem with that :(

    DO you have any idea to solve this problem?

    Hi it's great information! But I disableed registration in backend (users/settings - registration off, verification too) and comments (blog/settings). Any news didn't allow to comment. After this action website still require cookie :(

    Hi guys,

    I want to create easy one page site without login and comments feature. I want to bypass EU Directive and Policy about Cookies. i found only pagekit-session nad pagekit-auth after login in cookies.

    Could we disable cookies for frontend?

    Is it possible?

    Hi guys,

    I'm trying to find head view because it render bad favicon source.

    In template I can't find it. Is it in core? But where?

    Thanks for help

    Hi and Thank you for this port :)

    But i have problem with this theme and calendar plugin :( Calendar doesn't work with this theme :(

    With standard card theme i don't have any problems :)

    Code from console

    1. Uncaught TypeError: this.modal.on is not a function
    2. vue.js?v=0443:22

    With gallery plugin I have too problems... any info in console. Lightbox don't work...