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    I assume that if the file is generated, at least the directory it's generating to doesn't seem to have a permissions issue. The only other thing that stands out is the Vue message (in #3) about the formExclusions "setting a non-existent path".

    Are there any pages added into the excluded page list for sitemap that don't really exist? Are there any pages entered at all - whether they exist or not - that you could temporarily remove and see if it generates correctly with them gone?

    Does the site have a valid SSL cert? If it doesn't, then try to un-check the "Verify SSL" tick-box. If there's no SSL certificate, then that could be interfering with you having valid paths. The generator may have issues if it can't pass any validation tests when there is no such page as, (i.e.): https//

    You might also try to un-tick the box for "Allow redirects" to see if it generates successfully. If it works, then you might have directives that need to be modified for the site as a whole.

    In my case, I have no excluded pages, the site does use a LetsEncrypt cert that is valid, and I've added a directive into my htaccess file to force all page requests to use SSL, so there is only that one protocol that would ever be valid. There are some other customized directives for redirects in htaccess, but they are security related and don't modify any routes generated by PageKit.

    If none of those suggestions are of any help, I'm not familiar enough with Vue or PageKit routing to help with anything deeper.

    Sorry for the late reply. I wasn't getting notifications from the topic....

    Yes, I get everything, as expected. Here's a screen grab with the notifications. The admin backend may be quite different looking, but it's just a heavily modified admin.css. :)

    [Blocked Image:]

    When trying to diagnose my earlier issue, I used FireFox's developer tools to go through all the console and other errors I was getting with the scripts, as well as using 'view page source' on the sitemap.xml file itself to visually see the mal-formed lines. I typed in the URL manually to access it in the browser.

    Is there a sitemap file showing up in your root folder that you can open to read the contents? if the file isn't being generated at all, then it might be a permissions problem with your site's directories, or your host may have restricted something to keep the file from being saved.

    There's no need for anyone to dig for an answer. It turns out that there's an issue with pagekit core that doesn't do what it says on the tin... async or defer do NOT work when there are dependancies, so that pretty much means that there's no way to affect the vast majority of cases where resources are currently called to use any other means to load them other than 'normal'.

    This has been a known issue since 2016. The details are spelled out in several responses in an issue queue, here:

    I've added my comments, but I'm doubtful it will be seen as an issue needing a fix anytime soon, but I'll at least mark this thread as 'resolved'.

    Using Google's SearchConsole, I keep seeing indexing errors with almost every PageKit site page when trying to diagnose Google search results and requesting a site to be re-crawled/re-indexed. There might be 24 'resources' on a given page, and Google times out and notes that it can only load 4/7/9 resources out of 24. In this case resources would be everything from favicon, to CSS/JS or images on the page, to font imports.

    After running GTmark and Google's PageSpeed Insights, it shows that I'm getting lousy times in rendering resources that are most of the same ones that Google timed out on, and everything I'm reading says that I need to: "Eliminate render-blocking resources" by using defer or async to alleviate the speed delays - and presumably - the resource errors from the SearchConsole.

    I have always used an existing theme, and heavily modified it to suit whatever site it's set up for, and in the few cases I've needed to add something to a page header in the past, I've used SPQR's Assets extension to insert them. In this case I can't add/insert the assets twice, and I have yet to come across anything in the theme to modify the specific lines to defer or async the basic stuff like jquery and vue, or any of the secondary scripts or CSS. I've found a function to load "(head)", but there's not enough comments in the Avanti theme that I've modified to see what that reference leads to, or from.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction? I'm making the assumption that this needs to be handled in the theme, but is that incorrect?

    I just installed/enabled sitemap-generator on a new site, and made some modifications to the extension so that it would use a stylesheet instead of the raw XML. In making the changes I ran across something similar that it was causing mal-formed xml errors, and I ended up diagnosing the cause.

    The following is what I ended up with as the modification made to the /packages/spqr/sitemap/src/Helper/SitemapHelper.php file, and it's working as it should be in my case - with pagekit v1.0.16 on PHP 7.2.8 - to generate a proper map (with a stylesheet I adapted) here:

    The code I changed is under the public function generate() function, at line 139...

    I'm not sure if this will fix your exact issue, as I was debugging for something different, but if you do try the code above, you can either remove the line to call the stylesheet, or I could post it here to use it if you'd prefer to have one. I intended to add in images support at some point too, but you can leave that section in, since it will only load the reference - that exists - instead of a stylesheet, that doesn't exist (yet).

    You don't mention which theme you're using, but I'm assuming that it's 'Avanti' (or a custom copy of it), since you do mention "the secondary..." not showing on your home page.

    If that's what you use, then I'll guess there's some settings value/option missing from the theme's settings tab for your home page. I'm working on a site now that uses a customized theme based on Avanti, and I use a Hero image on the 'home' page that displays as a Secondary.

    Here's a screenshot of my entire page, with what's working for me right now:

    [Blocked Image:]

    If using reCaptcha is causing problems with registrations to your Pagekit site, you can always just disable reCaptcha under 'System > Settings'. There's no other extension to put in its place (as far as I know), but you aren't obligated to use it if you don't want to.

    If you're primary goal is to get high ranking results in Google's image search, then there's really very little you need to do. If you upload a photo/image and include a fairly detailed 'alt' description, Pagekit sites - using the gallery component or not - do extremely well in getting you much better return results than anything I've used as a CMS before, with the exception of maybe Koken.

    As an example... Use Google search for the keywords: baby-nurses enami

    [ "baby-nurses" is part of the alt-description, and "enami" is from the site's context for all content, where T. Enami is the photographer. ]

    You'll see my site showing up in the top 5 in the text results ( 'Baby-nurses' variations | Enami at ), and clicking over to the image results tab, it will display 7 out of the top 11 images as those on one of my personal sites. Keep in mind that when I first created these pages, I'd forgotten to go back and add ANY details under the meta descriptions for any content. At some point I intend to add those details in, but I can't argue with the results I've had so far without them. If you look at the tag markers on the image results, you'll also see that my site name is listed early in the 'tag cloud' too as a filter.

    In my case the keywords provided by the site overall and the alt-descriptions aren't necessarily generic words/term, so that helps to raise the rankings too. I doubt you'd end up with anywhere near the same results for a photo of your cat pawing at a fish bowl. Having said that, Google seems to have no problem with Pagekit (and Pagekit w/ a gallery) in finding and indexing images with good results.

    I know this is an old thread, but just in case someone else has a similar issue that can't be solved by modifying the file supplied by Pagekit, I'd suggest that you'd use the following code and place it at the very top of your .htaccess file (assuming that you already have one in place, and can use it in your environment).

    1. # force ssl
    2. <IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    3. RewriteEngine On
    4. RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !=on
    5. RewriteRule ^ https://%{HTTP_HOST}%{REQUEST_URI} [L,R=301]
    6. </IfModule>

    This code should work on any domain or subdomain, or with pagekit installed and running in a subdirectory. The only requirement is that you have a valid SSL cert in place and working. If you can't use a web address using "https://" to view a real page, then this code block will not help you at all.