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    1. <div class="uk-progress uk-progress-success">...</div>
    2. <div class="uk-progress uk-progress-warning">...</div>
    3. <div class="uk-progress uk-progress-danger">...</div>

    This option does not work,I already tried

    Fosphatic Duke, unlike you,jhejlik really helps, and from you on this sense in General zero.

    You are only clumsy can alter the templates in Uikit 3 and that your hands are not from that place grow.

    And to create from scratch a full working template you do not have enough brains
    Alas, admit to yourself that this is true


    Please tell me how I can insert right before each progress-bar text?


    1. <strong>PHP</strong><div class="uk-progress">
    2. <div class="uk-progress-bar" style="width: 97%;">97%</div>
    3. </div>
    4. MySQL<div class="uk-progress">
    5. <div class="uk-progress-bar" style="width: 83%;">83%</div>
    6. </div>
    7. CSS<div class="uk-progress">
    8. <div class="uk-progress-bar" style="width: 68%;">68%</div>
    9. </div>

    As far as I understand correctly, this forum is designed to support PageKit,which is why I'm interested.

    About the request to help set up Formmaker it's not a respect,it was a question and a request for help with setting up..

    I have not insulted anyone or shown anything to you,so calm down and exhale deeply.

    If this is not a support forum PageKit that I really made a mistake by registering on your forum by clicking on the link from the official site PageKit

    And you here all users such claims expose and accuse it is unclear what if people are not clear in setting up the module Formmaker ?
    What a boorish disrespect for the users ?

    The transition from UIKit2 One to UIKit3 One was not quite stable. Much of that had to be edited. This is awkward. In Unikit 2 One everything worked fine what not to say about UIKit3 One

    Please tell me, how do I contact the developer of this Formmaker module directly ?

    Have contacts with him ?

    Okay, thanks.
    Then it would be easier for me to just provide contact text information than mess with the damn module