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    Hello all,

    I'm working on a website in pagekit and at the moment I am making an events calendar.
    This means that the admin can add events to the website and the visitors can see them in a widget and under the menu item Calendar.

    That last one is making me have a headache, how do I add a menu item automaticly like pagekit-blog does?

    I found something about nodes in the index.php of the module that should show a option under the add page button in the menu edit screen but it doesn't for me.

    What am I missing?

    My index.php contains the folowing:

    My CalendarSiteController.php contains the folowing:

    And event-list.php contains:

    HTML: event-list.php
    1. <div>
    2. <h1>Hello</h1>
    3. </div>

    When I go to the /calendar route on the main site I get the h1 tag containing Hello.

    But I can't figure it out how to add the option under add page in the edit menu view off the admin panel.


    This seems to be fixing the undefined function message. But now I'm facing a log warning saying that vue cannot find the #wijbo-weather div. Any idea how I can fix this one? Thanks for solving the main problem by the way!

    Spoke to soon, fixed it by wrapping a window.onload around the new vue object ;)

    You cannot use a instance method to get the data. It has to be a callback function. Use instead computed properties or even better set the data on the created instance hook as you retrieve data with xhr. If you want to update later the data, you can also register a watcher.

    This seems to be fixing the undefined function message. But now I'm facing a log warning saying that vue cannot find the #wijbo-weather div. Any idea how I can fix this one? Thanks for solving the main problem by the way!

    Well then you could still load the vue script explictly just a line before for example or close before closing the body.

    I found out that vue is still loading.

    If I load jquery instead of vue in the browser console log it shows 'ReferenceError: Vue is not defined'.

    So I think that the mistake is in my own code and that its not a loading issue with vue.

    Also when I use a HTML/vue tag like {{ data }} it does show this directly to the browser. Instead of replacing it with the contents of data.



    Hey Fossy,

    Already tried that one out.

    Than it works except for the vue part, but I think I still need vue to be working because I wan't to show the content of the api in the widget.



    Dear Reader,

    I'm currently working on a weather widget for a website i'm currently working on.

    The porblem I encounter at the moment is that my VueJS is not loaded or I am making a mistake.

    In my widget I have the folowing:

    The js file contains this:

    All that I am expecting is a popup window with the content 'Done', but I had zero luck today. Even a button with @click="getWeather()" is not working.

    In the console of my browser I get the folowing:

    1. TypeError: this.getWeather is not a function

    Anyone a idea of what may be happening?



    My whole problem only was that I let the pagekit system insert the content twice. While doing this it had created the comment box in the blog posts twice so a single id was not there so vue could not find the correct box and gave up. Hope that some one with the same issue will understand and have it fixed quicker than me ;)

    Dear Fossy,

    I did find the cause of this behaviour, when i add a sidebar item like a text block the blog message breaks. As soon as a dissable this widget on the sidebar things are working again. Any idea how this can happen?



    Dear Fossy,

    I installed a clean version of pagekit on my webserver and installed the theme.

    It seems to be working now...

    Weird that this happend thanks for helping me.



    Dear Fossy,

    I have no public url at the moment if its needed I can create one.

    As soon as I switch to a other/default pagekit theme it instantly works.

    So that seems to exclude a configuration error on my side.

    In the attachments you find the teme zip as it is right now.

    * If you have any suggestions in my files please let me know.



    Dear Fossy,

    I did what u suggested, I coppied the blog folder including the contents from the theme-one theme to my own and it still did not work.

    Also there are still no errors in the console log of my browser. Any thing else I can try?

    Thanks for waiting/helping and sorry for my late response but this is a project I only work on in the weekends or free evenings.

    Kind regards,



    I am experiencing a issue with the comments in a blog post while using my own custom theme.

    When I open a blog post I see this: {{ message }}

    And this: {{ 'Comments are closed.' | trans }}

    As far as I can tell it's vuejs related, I can see that vue is loaded in to the view.

    Can anyone explain this? What am I doing wrong?

    Attachment contains the message's in the way I see them.


    Jesse Mulder