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    This is not a fork.

    This is an updated build Pagekit CMS (for developers).

    Build includes:

    • Pagekit CMS 1.0.18
    • Blog extension
    • Theme One
    • Custom Admin Panel

    Major changes:

    1. Required PHP Version - 7.2 or higher (7.4+).

    2. Composer 1.9.2

    3. Symfony 4.4.3

    4. Vue 2.6.11

    5. UIkit 3.3.0

    To view all changes - see github

    Hi Art

    I was testing your fork and i found a error when i try to add to new menu.. is not possible, do you have any idea? i was trying to fix but without success!


    Updated. See github. Bug - executing event handling


    Just for testing I want to install on the localhost, I tested with WAMP and Laragon, both of them show background photo of installer page, but there is nothing else.

    are there any tips and tricks for it?


    Hey. Re-upload files from github. This is my fault, I did not add dist files.


    Another pagekit project -

    Language: Russian

    Theme: Custom


    - Blog

    - Analytics

    - Search/Friendlyit

    - Sitemap/Spqr

    - Feedback (self-made)

    - Widgets (self-made)

    - Tinymce

    Admin Panel - Custom (UIkit 3 based)

    Frontend Frameworks

    - Uikit 3

    - Vue 2.5

    - and others

    Pagekit is good platform for customize anything!