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    Pagekit have only the Google reCaptcha and this is a third party service.

    I think you need to develop your own extension and after that you don't need the ton of agreements.

    If you need support for the extension development you can write an PM to me.


    i want to install a new extension via admin panel. If i want to install the blog extension or any other extension from the marketplace i got this error:

    Any idea or solutions? If i install the extension manuell everything is working fine.

    Thanks for your help.

    I mean extra java script.

    I include it on this way:

    1. <!-- Load Javascript -->
    2. <?php $view->script('theme', 'theme:js/lecom24.min.js', ['uikit-sticky', 'uikit-lightbox', 'uikit-parallax', 'uikit-datepicker']) ?>
    3. <?php $view->script('particles', 'theme:js/particles.min.js') ?>
    4. <?php $view->script('particles-jquery', 'theme:js/particles.jquery.js') ?>


    i have insert my javascript in the end of the body in the template.php file. But if i load the Page the javascript files always at the top of the page.

    How i can change it in pagekit? Any solutions?

    As npm i have install it globally which version 6.4.1.

    And this is the package.json from the theme:

    But if i execute webpack in the console the backend is destroyed.


    i have a clean Pagekit 1.0.15 installation and i download the theme AVION.

    Now ich go in the root of the theme packages/pagekit/theme-avion. And here i will execute the command npm install. After the npm install i will execute webpack. But there are always some errors.

    1. throw new errors.AssertionError({
    2. ^
    3. AssertionError [ERR_ASSERTION]: Task function must be specified

    Can anyone help me?