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    Thanks again for looking into this for us :-) This doesn't sound ideal then, sadly. Are you aware of any way we can potentially disable the session handling that Pagekit seems to have implemented and use PHP's own? As this implementation of sessions looks like it would be a bit of a hassle to work with in terms of replicating across multiple machines/load balancing, whereas PHP's own session handling would be handled a lot easier?

    Thanks for your reply! This is what we were confused about too as we saw the /tmp/sessions/ folder and then the sessions table in the database too so we were a little unsure as to which is used, or if both are used and required? We're just looking to make sure that we have things in place to ensure that we've some redundancy and that we're able to scale somewhat!


    I'm currently working on a project that's exploring the option of using Pagekit as the CMS behind it but we're assessing the scaling and redundancy options before we go ahead with it. For starters, why does the /tmp/sessions/ folder exist, are these part of the PHP sessions or a different implementation that we should know about for potential HA options such as storing in redis/memcache?

    If anyone's worked on a Pagekit site that utilises multiple servers with load balancers or similar, tips and ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!