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    As mentioned in first post: If I'm doing a fresh installtion, with same users and password, just enter the old settings in the DB, it'w back working again. Just moving the whole directory won't help. I cleaned up the cache as well. The difference now is instead a "invalid token" message, it says now

    Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

    Which won't help me either...

    Hm, that was at least a good idea, as I'm using Opera's Auto-logins. But unfortunately, it still doesn't work, even manually login.

    Anyway, the "ungültiger Token" is displayes as well, when I'm trying to ask for a new password. Does anyone know - as I'm not a programmer - what exactly this toke means and what variables are connected with this token? What eles could cause a invalid token?



    Hi guys,

    I'm always running into troubles with login on Pagekit, but just after a while. While it never happens on a server from 1und1, I run into issues at after some time. When I try to login as an admin, it says "Invalid token. Please try again." Also users are not able to login anymore. This is strange, as no file is changed after last successful login.

    I'm almost sure the webhoster has issues, but how can I find out what is causing the problems? As soon as I enable logging in config.php, I see the log bar at the bottom, but because I can't log in anymore, the infos are not helpful at all.

    Last two times I had this problems, I did a fresh installation of pagekit, copied user tables into the database and images into the storage folder and solved it. But I can't do that every time...

    Any recommendation what to do?

    Here's the site, front end perfectly working: