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    Hi Art

    I was testing your fork and i found a error when i try to add to new menu.. is not possible, do you have any idea? i was trying to fix but without success!


    The reason is because the /app/assets/vue/ is empty ... u need to run npm install in root folder for copy the bower_components/vue files to app/assets/vue..


    I take off this part of my code:

    uk-tab="connect: #settings-section"

    1. <ul class="uk-nav" v-el:tab>
    2.     <li v-for="section in sections | orderBy 'priority'"><a>{{ section.label | trans }}</a></li>
    3. </ul>

    and I put the div id in the ready funcition on my .js

    1. ready: function () {
    2.$, {connect: '#settings-section'});
    3. },

    And now workis!

    Hi friends!

    Well ... I have a little free time and I am working or trying to update pagekit ... Little by little because there are many components and my skills with Vue are not very good, for the moment I upgraded Uikit to version 3, jquery 3 and some views and components of vue, uikit3 does not have the autocomplete component but I managed to integrate the autocomplete jquery plugin. Now I have problems with other components and I can not get the desired result, I am trying to connect the tabs with the switcher without success. I leave some images and i hope you can help me or give some idea about this problem that I have. Btw.. Will it be Vue's version the problem? because I continue working with Vue version 1x, until I successfully implement the Uikit and its components.

    This is my code:

    i had to implemented ( uk-tab="connect: #settings-section" ) because without that connect my content did not appear... My problem is that i have all <li> like uk-active so i cant select between tabs options but if delete the connect: #settings-section then the tabs are working good but my content is hidden (the last image)

    Thanks for readme

    Hi omais,

    Put slash before the image path

    hi friends,

    I have 1 model Appointment.php with AppointmentModelTrait.php and i have Payment.php Model. So i need to save my model appointment but also save data in Payment table. Im try to do it but without success.

    In my AppointmentModelTrait.php i have a method call savePayment.

    And on my save method of AppointmentApiController.php

    Any can said me if im ok or what im doing wrong? thanks

    Hi, friends

    How can i call a function on my API file from my site (frontend) ... I try but always return NO Authorized. Where modifiy permission for that? thanks

    On my vue i have a method for call that function

    1. getActivities:function() {
    2. this.$http.get('api/appointments/appointment/getActivities').then(res => {
    3. this.activities =;
    4. });
    5. },

    This is for my frontend, when im logged on my site all its ok but when im logout then return NO Authorized.


    Well ... i imported my app-input-date to my appointment-settings.vue

    And on my app-input-date.vue

    So... now i pass my restdays[] from appointment-settings.vue to app-input-date.vue without problems... see images

    [Blocked Image:]

    how u can see when i select my employee control the restdays array is changed in my app-input-vue without problems

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    also is loaded in my appointment-settings.vue

    [Blocked Image:]

    So, i try to get my array data but i dont know how.. i execute a console.log(this.restdays) and...

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    i cant take that array on my ready function but, is loaded in prop from my component.

    Any idea? thanks

    i have 3 files...


    1. components: {
    2. 'settings': require('../../components/appointment-settings.vue'),
    3. 'app-input-date': require('../../model/app-input-date.vue'),
    4. }


    1. <div class="uk-form-controls">
    2.     <select id="form-employee" name="employee" class="uk-width-1-1 c-select" v-model="appointment.employee_id" @change="getDatesByEmployee(appointment.employee_id)" v-validate:required>
    3.         <option v-for="worker in workers" :value="">{{}}</option>
    4.     </select>
    5. </div>


    So i need to execute my getDatesEmployee function in my input-date component but from my appointment-settings.vue..

    Thanks guys

    Hi all,

    I am developing an extension but I have some problems, rather, difficulties due to my level in vue. I have my appointment-settings.vue component and i have my datetime component there <input-date :datetime.sync="appointment.start"></input-date>. Well, I made some changes to the datetime component, however it is the same concept. I have a select control where I load my employees in that control have an @change = "getDatesByEmployee(appointment.employee_id)". The question is ... How can I execute that function in my component input-date ?. I need to run this function to set my variable restdays [] in my input-date component. Some can help me? thanks for all

    Probably, the component you use is not compatible with Vue Js v1.

    e.g. it has no mounted event: - and i think there are a bunch of more incompatibilities.

    JavaScript: text-mask/vue/src/vueTextMask.js
    1. mounted() {
    2. this.initMask()
    3. }

    I think this tag is compliant with v1:

    Thanks for ur answer, i'll try this new component