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    Does anyone know how I can email an image from the user profile on the fron-endt?

    i have my profile.php

    1. <div uk-form-custom="target: true">
    2. <input type="file" id="file" name="file" @change="onFileChange" ref="file-input" multiple>
    3. <input class="uk-input uk-form-width-large" type="text" placeholder="<?= __("Upload") ?>" disabled>
    4. </div>



    I cant send my image from vue to the php function... Any idea? thanks guys..


    Already send the image by vue to php and it shows me this result.

    1. public function saveAction() {
    2. var_dump($_FILES);
    3. }

    Now my question is: How can I send the image by mail with the App :: Mailer ()?


    Now is working, if someone is planning to do the same thing here is the code:

    I'm doing this from the pagekit core (user) module, but I'm going to do it for an own extension.

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    Hi Art

    I was testing your fork and i found a error when i try to add to new menu.. is not possible, do you have any idea? i was trying to fix but without success!


    The reason is because the /app/assets/vue/ is empty ... u need to run npm install in root folder for copy the bower_components/vue files to app/assets/vue..


    I take off this part of my code:

    uk-tab="connect: #settings-section"

    1. <ul class="uk-nav" v-el:tab>
    2.     <li v-for="section in sections | orderBy 'priority'"><a>{{ section.label | trans }}</a></li>
    3. </ul>

    and I put the div id in the ready funcition on my .js

    1. ready: function () {
    2.$, {connect: '#settings-section'});
    3. },

    And now workis!

    Hi friends!

    Well ... I have a little free time and I am working or trying to update pagekit ... Little by little because there are many components and my skills with Vue are not very good, for the moment I upgraded Uikit to version 3, jquery 3 and some views and components of vue, uikit3 does not have the autocomplete component but I managed to integrate the autocomplete jquery plugin. Now I have problems with other components and I can not get the desired result, I am trying to connect the tabs with the switcher without success. I leave some images and i hope you can help me or give some idea about this problem that I have. Btw.. Will it be Vue's version the problem? because I continue working with Vue version 1x, until I successfully implement the Uikit and its components.

    This is my code:

    i had to implemented ( uk-tab="connect: #settings-section" ) because without that connect my content did not appear... My problem is that i have all <li> like uk-active so i cant select between tabs options but if delete the connect: #settings-section then the tabs are working good but my content is hidden (the last image)

    Thanks for readme

    Hi omais,

    Put slash before the image path

    hi friends,

    I have 1 model Appointment.php with AppointmentModelTrait.php and i have Payment.php Model. So i need to save my model appointment but also save data in Payment table. Im try to do it but without success.

    In my AppointmentModelTrait.php i have a method call savePayment.

    And on my save method of AppointmentApiController.php

    Any can said me if im ok or what im doing wrong? thanks

    Hi, friends

    How can i call a function on my API file from my site (frontend) ... I try but always return NO Authorized. Where modifiy permission for that? thanks

    On my vue i have a method for call that function

    1. getActivities:function() {
    2. this.$http.get('api/appointments/appointment/getActivities').then(res => {
    3. this.activities =;
    4. });
    5. },

    This is for my frontend, when im logged on my site all its ok but when im logout then return NO Authorized.


    Well ... i imported my app-input-date to my appointment-settings.vue

    And on my app-input-date.vue

    So... now i pass my restdays[] from appointment-settings.vue to app-input-date.vue without problems... see images

    [Blocked Image:]

    how u can see when i select my employee control the restdays array is changed in my app-input-vue without problems

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    also is loaded in my appointment-settings.vue

    [Blocked Image:]

    So, i try to get my array data but i dont know how.. i execute a console.log(this.restdays) and...

    [Blocked Image:][Blocked Image:]

    i cant take that array on my ready function but, is loaded in prop from my component.

    Any idea? thanks

    i have 3 files...


    1. components: {
    2. 'settings': require('../../components/appointment-settings.vue'),
    3. 'app-input-date': require('../../model/app-input-date.vue'),
    4. }


    1. <div class="uk-form-controls">
    2.     <select id="form-employee" name="employee" class="uk-width-1-1 c-select" v-model="appointment.employee_id" @change="getDatesByEmployee(appointment.employee_id)" v-validate:required>
    3.         <option v-for="worker in workers" :value="">{{}}</option>
    4.     </select>
    5. </div>


    So i need to execute my getDatesEmployee function in my input-date component but from my appointment-settings.vue..

    Thanks guys