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    The reason is because the /app/assets/vue/ is empty ... u need to run npm install in root folder for copy the bower_components/vue files to app/assets/vue..

    Thank you man, But the folder is not empty, there are some files and folder, I mean the vue files already have been copied

    I was using Pagekit for months, it is a great CMS, I like it, very simple, But for some reason, I transfer my blog to another CMS, one of them was there is the future of Pagekit is not clear, now I am using Bludit as blog Platform, So simple but it's OK for blogging.

    Hello My friend,

    Yes it was absolutely about the PHP version! ... sometimes I am stupid :D I dunno why ! I sent a ticket for changing the PHP version =))

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    Hello guys,

    I use 's Advanced Blog for my website, after transferring from Siteground to another web hosting, I have several problem with Advanced blog, one of them is the posts and comments both are GONE! there are in database tables ...

    another problem I don't know what is it... maybe it is related to above issue or to PHP version...

    1. ContextErrorException in User.php line 291: Runtime Notice: Pastheme\Blog\Model\User and Pagekit\System\Model\DataModelTrait define the same property ($data) in the composition of Pastheme\Blog\Model\User. This might be incompatible, to improve maintainability consider using accessor methods in traits instead. Class was composed

    Server details:

    PHP 5.6.40 with Litespeed

    DB MySQL 5.5.5-10.2.21-MariaDB-cll-lve

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    Thank you Fosphatic Duke

    Happy new year to you Sven, Frankly I have some financial issue right now, Because of economic inflation in my country.

    So I need to shutdown my blog or transfer to a free hosting. right now I use Siteground, They are perfect but expensive for a simple blog and some personal website.


    What is the error exactly ? Could you enable debug mode and try to update it again, if you had any error you can put error-logs here.

    I updated my website without any problem.

    Thank you guys,

    Today I had a time to try Parrot Sec OS, But I couldn't install it, I had problem with Grub and Lilo, they couldn't write to the disk, i dunno why, everything went normally except writing Grub and Lilo...

    I tried Manjaro, It was excellent, but I had problem with its Calendar, The Persian Calendar was the Kurdish! till now the only distro that was OK for me, was the LinuxMint...

    Elementary OS was good too, but its environments is look alike MacOS, and there wasn't minimize button ^^ I was confused

    Yes you are right about it, If I choose a desktop linux, I'll choose Mint for sure, But I have to test it for several days too, the anonymous surfing is very handy for me, coz I don't need to VPN anymore... Thank you Sven