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    Ahhh... I scrolled back in this topic - so I am only able to RENAME it?!

    I was now able to rename the second "blog" into something else
    but there was no option just to use "/" - that was rejected

    If you really still have problems with getting it the way you want then hook me up I will make you a screen cast video. ✌️

    the problem is still the same

    I have this "blog" twice there and can't get rid of it
    i set the blog as the homepage
    but I am clueless how to get rid of the "/blog" slug and just to go
    straight forward to


    You should not touch the MySQL stuff at all - risk is high that it is not working after next update.

    If you can do all that with WP go with WP. Pagekit (or at least the blog extension) handles the routing in another way (more „RESTful“).

    WP? are you kidding me. LOL. I am online for almost 30 years and thought WP was the greatest thing that happened to all of us. I do not want to have a system that constantly robs me from doing my work and adding yet another plugin that is not compatible with the theme that is not compatible with the lasted new wordpress version, that is... well you know...

    II love PageKit because it has just the basics with the focus on creating compelling content with clear structured layout options.

    Is there a way instead of seeing

    No route found for "GET /home"

    to redirect it to a specific 404 (or what I rather prefer, just send peope

    over to the home page).


    Sorry I am confused. I am not a programmer and hoped this CMS will help me to get rid of all the troubles with Wordpress.
    Now I can't even seem to set a simple blog with clean links and need to edit MySQL stuff that I had not touched in ages. Sigh.
    Very frustrating to be honest.

    Thanks Fosphatic Duke.

    However I still have trouble with the MySQL settings
    because when I changed it there from /blog to / and
    then try to change "make this the home page" it did
    not work.

    So I changed the MySQL settings back now it show

    the blog, but now of course I have the /blog slug back...

    I would like to know if there are any options or ways to optimize uploaded images for SEO. While I know there is one generic "Meta" for one gallery itself I am concerned how to deal with nameing and labeling my images as I usually have to do for SEO purposes . I am not sure if pagekit can handle this at this time?

    1. <img src="images/thumbs/optimizedseoname.jpg" alt="optimized seo description" />