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    Any updated regarding the yootheme? We have to decide ourselfs what to do, because they will not be able to revive Pagekit, they have done to much damage to the Community... What do you think?

    Hi All,

    My question is how do you create a style for a theme that is available in the Marketplace. I know that there is a smart way for use the Customizer (Uikit) and create different themes, but don't know the exact steps. It should be another way to create different styles for a theme without modifying the theme's core css and without the Asset extension.

    Do you have any tips and tricks?




    It's strange, that after years of silence, they would like to see more dev activity :D, if I remember well, they were the ones, who doesn't do anything regarding the community, didn't answered the e-mails, forum post, and chats... This behaviour resulted in a massive exodus form dev side, and user side as well. I'm not impressed with this attitude, and this is not the future that this awesome CMS deserves...

    What do you think?


    Maybe somebody figured it out or found a solution to this:

    How can I show the number of lists items on the widget? For example: List name (20) - where 20 is the number of items in the list. Is there a field that I can use like {{item.title}}??

    I also contacted the Driven team (its not working):

    Question: Quick question regarding List widget(Pagekit): how to show the number of item in a list


    I think what you're looking for is


    lengthwill give you the number amount ofitems


    Example code:



    I don't know how the team can handle a community of 150,000 people (statement form on their YooTheme website), if they are unable to manage a 1400+ community...

    Meanwhile on the YOOtheme website :)

    Open Source Projects - Pagekit

    At YOOtheme we're passionate about creating great tools for developers. Explore our two popular Open Source projects and benefit from their large developer community.


    I just read a blog post, it's not a new one, but wanted to check if he problem\security issue mentioned here is already fixes...

    Siteoint article (2016):


    Curiously, Pagekit goes against best practices and puts the entry point to the app (index.php) into the root folder instead of a public subfolder. On Nginx (and on Apache which doesn’t read local .htaccess files) this has severe security implications, as it allows anyone to access critical files (like pagekit.db – the site’s entire database) through the URL bar, by just typing in

    To get around this, we need to modify the server script further with a rather primitive line of code taken almost verbatim from their .htaccess file. Add the following just above location ~ \.php$ {:

    Hi All,

    A quick question regarding SPQRInc 's Assets extension. It is possible to setup\run the extension so that all of the subpages (below 'Együttesek') are affected?

    I want to accomplish to have a CSS\Javascript run on all the subpages, and don't want to click through 100 pages individually. And if I create subpages I don't have to go and setup each time the same Assets.

    Many thank,


    I just received a response from one of the developers of the Shortcodes extension, and he is right. Every dev will abandon Pagekit if they see that there is no progress regarding the core CMS:

    The e-mail:

    Hi Balazs,

    Thank you for your feedback.

    It is a good idea to implement permissions. Perhaps we will have a look how to do it it soon.

    Unfortunately, there is no progress in Pagekit development and we also took a pause in new releases.

    Kind Regards,

    Eugene Sivokon

    NorrNext support department

    If I highlight a text, it should automatically pull that text as the "title", this is how it work in Wordpress and in other CMS systems. Basically right now you can't create a link form an already existing text, and that should not work like this.