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    Hi, well on the very basic side of things and what you'd expect IMHO from a first release are taxonomies and multilingual support.

    Then as Sascha from Yootheme wrote it also really needs widgetkit and yootheme pro.

    I started with PK in 2015, before v1, which came out BTW 13 April 2016. Here is the blog PAGE

    Note the comment at the top from Florian who replied about a request for Multilang. I know they are busy with UIKit and YT Pro, but 3 years?

    I think they bit off more than they could chew and I also think that in the end they have just decided, but not told anyone (yet), that PK is dead.

    Nothing to see hear, move along please.

    Pagekit is the Norwegian Blue from the Monty Python parrot sketch.

    Hi, sorry but as I wrote today on the Discord we are leaving Pagekit and moving or 20 or so little sites to something else. What I don't know. Maybe Liferay.

    I still like Pagekit but development from the Yootheme guys has pretty much come to dead stop, there are too many things missing for too long.

    Hi there, we have 20/30 PK sites that have custom extensions we made in house.

    The content manager moans about having to manually install updates.

    Is there a way that anyone could suggest that would allow us to automate the upgrade of our own extensions.

    BTW we host our own sites.

    Thanks in advance for any help.


    To be honest I think we'll abandon it if things don't start happening very soon.

    I selected this CMS because it was simple and easy to use for users and had a good UI.

    I knew at the start that it didn't have a lot of things: multilang, taxonomies but at the time I felt sure from the noises Sascha and others at YooTheme were making that they'd be along soon.

    However that hasn't been the case and since we launched our first pagekit site 2 years ago we've had to constantly develop stuff that should be there by now so that sites are usable enough for people to be happy but I tired of this.

    If YT Pro with the same features was introduced into PK then that would solve most of my problems.

    To me it looks like they have bitten of more than they could chew.

    what I'm seeing on European sites is that you have the option to accept cookies and then also the option to subsequently delete them so I guess the site looks for the cookies when you visit it and if it finds them the message appears.

    Other sites have gone further and actually allow to to choose which cookies to allow and which not.

    I think its down to interpretation of the law.

    A full on example would be here:

    Which means a page that tells you what cookies are what and which you have accepted and gives you the option to remove certain types.

    Hi, yes I saw cookiebot which looks nice but its limited to 100 pages. And cookie control pro is for up to 30 sites. Anyway its looks like maybe you guys are right in the end but it was a fun morning trying to figure something out.

    One of our company lawyers told me this morning. I was told it was a simple I agree button and a new document on privacy but it seems not.

    I do what the lawyers tell me.

    Yes and you need to be able to let them choose which cookies to accept and which ones to not accept and every 12mths you need to ask them to choose again!


    Haven't seen anyone mention this yet but as I'm sure you will know there is a new law in europe regarding data protection.

    Here is a nice wiki page…ata_Protection_Regulation

    I have around 30 pagekit sites that I run that need GDPR.

    As I understand it, GDPR means you have to show every user visiting your site the cookies that you use and ask them to choose which ones they will allow and every 12mths you have to ask them again.

    Anyone out there in the dying wilderness of Pagekit Land doing anything for this?

    Hi there,

    As the number of our of sites running pagekit grows we are getting requests from our content managers to create a dashboard that handles core, extension and template updates much in the same way you find in and perfect dashboard.

    I'm looking to start this in 2018.

    I don't think there is anything else out there at the moment.