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    I´m running a Blog with Pagekit (switched from Wordpress) and actually, there are nearly 100 Posts inside. Everything is okay, but since Pagekit seems to die, I´m thinking about the possibility to export my Blogposts to an other CMS or switching back to Wordpress.

    I think, there is currently no possibility to do that or does anybody know a way?

    It is not akut, aber fürn Notfall denkt man halt drüber nach :/

    I Know that Fossy, but im not lucky with these Google Compulsion from my CMS.

    For now, I modified my GDPR Site and setting the Point "Google Recaptcha" on the List :cursing: we have no other Choice.

    Cheers, Mario

    Yes. Thats exactly the Problem. Enabled or not enabled. You have no Choice.

    I did delete yesterday all Google and Recaptcha Files, which I´ve found on my Pagekit Installation, but the Script is loading furthermore on my Site.

    I see the Script in the Source of the Website and there is a Connection that goes out to Google: http://requestmap.webperf.tool…0f2c35c57ba1cc300ce82b617

    And I Do not like these Connection to Google

    <script src=''></script>

    Cannot find the Script and how to eliminate.

    Cheers, Mario

    Yes SAB - it is not possible anymore, to post comments, without setting Google Recaptcha Keys and Script on your Website. Or is there any other known Way? For that reason, i disabled now the Comments on my Blog.

    Hello everybody.

    I have a problem with posting of Comments.

    Please see the Error attached, with the Screenshot.

    Everything works fine until September.

    After that point, I installed the Advanced Blog, and Notify on Comment Extension - Both Extension are now uninstalled. And of Course, there was a little Pagekit Update.

    PHP Version ist 7.1 or 7.2

    Any Idea, what's the Problem and Error is?


    Thanks and Guten Rutsch!

    Thanks. Deactivating the Extension works. Dont need this Bixie Extension.

    Please delete the Topic and Thank you for your helpful Extensions Roman!

    Yes, i´m using the Bixie User Profile Extension.

    Other Extensions are:















    I did do a Webspace Change on last Weekend. Maybe there was an Error.

    Hello and greetings from Germany, will try to write in english.

    The Topic say it all: I cant´s add or Edit a User.

    In Debug Mode Pagekit shows me the Following Message:

    ContextErrorException in ProfileUser.php line 174:

    Notice: Undefined index: avatar

    Any Idea whats the Problem is and how to fix that?