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    Hi folks,

    I was wondering if there is a concise example for displaying data coming form relations? It would be great to have a starting point for my problem, which is actually pretty simple, displaying records with m:m relationships:

    Table1(IDT1, Name)

    Table2(UDT2, Name)

    Relationship (IDT1, IDT2)

    I want to start with a list of all records in Table 1, click on them and it then shows the details of the record including child relationships in Table 2. There is no need to be able to edit stuff, just displaying. When I then click on one of the Table2 entries, I would like to jump to the respective Table1 parent entry. Are there any good working examples?



    PS: Can anyone please remove (left) from my user name? I am staying ;)

    Hi, I want to include two factor authentication into Pagekit for some users, like admins. Can I replace the current login procedure with something else? Where? and I would also like to add a respective attribute into the user admin panel. Is that possible and where?

    Extension from SAB not loaded from the admin and not imported. Throws an unknown error

    Doom, suggest to be a bit more polite and read all threads. Download the package manually and upload it locally from your PC.

    PHP 5.6 is end of life formally since January 1 with no security fixes. All of us should be on 7.1 at a minimum.

    I have been experimenting with LESS lately as I find it actually a pretty easy way of adjusting the look and feel of a website. If you ever wonder, what you need to do to use less, here's the short version.

    1. Download UIKit3 from GitHub
    2. Extract the files
    3. In the root of the extracted library, create a directory called custom
    4. Create file with extension ,less, e.g., myless.less, this is were you customise your site. In the most simple way, this will just read:
    1. // Import UIkit default theme (or uikit.less with only core styles)
    2. @import "../src/less/uikit.theme.less";

    This basically takes the UIKit3 Default theme, no start customising:

    Then call "yarn compile" from the command line and you will soon get a uikit.myless.css and uikit.myless.min.css in the dist directory. Just use this for your theme and you are done. If you want and editor for this, have a look at:

    If you want to customize more, I have extracted all variables from UIKit 3.0.2 for your convenience. You probably will only use the first 180 lines in most pages. I am not a CSS specialist and perhaps if we produced more templates with less, we might attract more people. Just a though.


    Fosphatic Duke has realised minimal theme on version 3 of UIIkit3. I ran the original less minimal theme through the less compiler and used it with his code. This works well but for one thing: In Fosphatic Duke version, the menus start to get a fading in and out underline when you hover over them. Can anyone point me to the CSS code, so I can mimic it in less? Fosphatic Duke: Tried F12 but am not versatile enough with CSS.



    Hi, SAB and thanks.

    1. :desc="'Thanks for getting in touch, ' + + '. If requierd, we will get in touch with you shortly. Kind regards, XXX.'">

    ... worked

    I have done a pagekit site for a friend who Is operating as Kinesiologist in a rather small town near Baden in Switzerland. SEO seems to work nicely as she is now on the top for that town and she has significantly more customers since we moved to Pagekit and optimized the site. However, more customers would be better. What can i do to make the site show up when people enter Baden, which is only a few miles away?

    My last five cents here:

    • Pagekit is a great product. I consider myself a technical literate and have worked with quite a few CMS in the past, be it Websitebaker (really tiny) to Wordpress and Joomla. All of these systems had their drawback, from being too simple (Websitebaker) to non-intuitive (such as Joomla and to some extent also October). What I like about Pagekit is that you install it, log in and it is more or less clear who you get the content in and have a very simple site up and running in a couple of minutes.
    • For the past 9 months, I have been quite active with Pagekit. What I missed is the wealth of Extensions and Themes in the Marketplace as other CMS have it. I initially started writing Extensions and now Themes. What I realized is that the respective documentation and examples on the Pakekit homepage are simply "not good enough" to get people attracted to writing Extensions. If you asked me for a wish list, I would like to have a proper documentation and sample Extensions that have to typical stuff in, such as (i) system and page attributes (incl. the php code to write them back to the database); (ii) examples how to access system-related variables, such as the root of Pagekit, its Storage folder, ...; (iii) a script that I can run with parameters, such as mercator/myplugin and it changes all the variables in the examples, so it becomes "my" plugin.
    • Themes are actually not that difficult - but you need to code in PHP, even if you just want to arrange your building blocks in a certain way. I would have appreciated if Pagekit would make this easier. It would actually be quite straight-forward to implement a template you can adequately parameterize (I will probably do that over the next couple of weeks). People could then focus on the CSS-related definitions, for which we also would need something that is easily customizable. Probably, this could be done with an Extension that is good enough for many people, who just want to get a personal homepage with limited customization. While this is not good enough for professional sites, it might be good enough for many users.
    • While writing Extensions and Theme is often about fun as opposed to making money, I would appreciate a "Payable Marketplace" as well as the option to have people buy a plugin from a self-hosted website, which then can pull updates from a self-hosted repository.

    It is all about simplicity and making it easier for people to develop would attract more programmers and agencies. If I had the time and all relevant skills (such as Vue and UIKit), I would probably fork Pagekit and start it from there. As I said at the beginning, designing a new CMS is a real art (or science) and you need the right skillset, which is hard to find on the market.


    I am using Roman's Sitemap plugin. It works well on mercator dot li but on another domain, it does not produce entries for the pages right below the top level. There is a debug option, but where is the debug output? Both websites are on .16 Pagekit and run PHP 7.3.

    Tnx for any hint


    1. This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.
    2. <!-- Created with SPQR Sitemap Generator 2.0 -->
    3. <urlset xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""xsi:schemaLocation=""><url><loc></loc><changefreq>weekly</changefreq><priority>0.5</priority>
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