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    Just use filezilla to upload your script directly or whitlist the js file extension in the backend. I guess it is not whitelisted.


    When you want to use pagekit locally just use the build in webserver.

    Unzip pagekit

    Download and unpack php7. 2 if you are on Mac or Linux u good to go if on windows you need to add the php path to the environment path variable.

    Then just open a command window and change the directory to unzipped pagekit directory.

    run following command:

    php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    Stat a browser and type in localhost that's it.

    If necessary php extensions are not activated pagekit installation wizard will say you that in general the MySQL extension, gd2, SSL modules have to be enabled in php.ini (just remove the ; in the line of the module you want to activate)

    Hi there,

    don't use xamp! Use the build in webserver with pagekit to check it out on a local machine. In ge eral the error message says that a pdo driver is missing. Enabling it in your php.ini could help probably to get rid of this message.



    Hi there,

    has nothing to do with pagekit. I would suggest you get some tutorials about css3. This is exactly the place where you can change it, but don't forget that you should host the font on your server. DSVGO / GDPR related preventive measure against "nice" lawyers.


    Fossy is a jumpoint link for you, where you could start to get basic understanding:

    in the pagekit documentation you will have to read the paragraphs about structure of templates. So frontend css files should be in a sbudirectory of your template of course.

    another usefull link how to use developer tools in your browser:…-designer-und-einsteiger/

    If this is the result you would like to have to then following steps were needed if you are not familiar with uikit 2 at all:

    Margin Uikit 2 Docu

    There is a paragraph about removing margin in your case you have 3 possibilites at all:

    1. .uk-margin-remove Removes all margins.
    2. .uk-margin-top-remove Removes top margin.
    3. .uk-margin-bottom-remove Removes bottom margin.

    So when you inspect the you ul in the browser console you can see following, i marked the yellow parts for you which are causing the space you dislike:

    Well now you know that on each p, ul, ol etc element you have always a margin from top of 25 Pixel right?

    If you want to get rid of it just put the above described class to your ul element following way:

    1. <ul class="uk-margin-top-remove">
    2. <li>Serious: Wine Sommeliers, keynote speakers (all subjects), security services and ceremony officiants.</li>
    3. <li>Not so serious: Walk-around magicians, mimes, stilt walkers, psychics, jugglers and caricaturists.</li>
    4. </ul>

    That's it...

    Well there is as well an Uikit v2 UL element class Docu:

    there you can see different possibilities to change the style of lists by adding addiditonal css class to your ul elements:

    1. <ul class="uk-margin-top-remove uk-list">
    2. <li>Serious: Wine Sommeliers, keynote speakers (all subjects), security services and ceremony officiants.</li>
    3. <li>Not so serious: Walk-around magicians, mimes, stilt walkers, psychics, jugglers and caricaturists.</li>
    4. </ul>

    Would remove the dots infront of each List (li) element.

    Well bob as it is in general basic understading of html and css I would strongly recommend you to check out some basic documentations for pagekit and more likely uikit 2 as your theme is uikit 2 based. Don't get me wrong but the primal goal is always to help you to get your job done and improve your skill to do it by your own as you visibly are interested to do it on your own at all.



    p.s. if something should be unclear don't be hesistate to write your question

    How, when I do not get any erros ...

    Me neither sab tested with different php versions up to 7.3 and still sure that nothing wrong with your package.

    But error comes when you install it from pagekit market place. Which you described already and it's expected.

    It's a bad joke because every contribution must have been made available for the public. But when yootheme don't have time for revision as merge the merge requests then it's not feeling like it's open source at all. Especially if the marketplace is something where you don't have any documentation about how it is implemented and how it could be extended for supporting vue 2.5 pagekit version for example.


    Hi there,

    In general if you use uikit 3 based themes then you have to use uikit 3 Syntax, but uikit 2 based themes are working only with uikit 2 Syntax. However in uikit 2 based themes you have to enable components first till they are usable. To do so you have to edit the template.php.


    There I described already how to do that.