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    Hi There,

    Well I guess you will have to provide your own template then in best case too. With the icon where you want to have it. As far I know you can change the view of an extension in a template to your own needs but you want to do the different way from an extension to override the default view of a template... Im not sure if this is implemented at all into pagekit to do that.

    But unfortinately im not a big help here as I don't habe a deep knowledge about the system in the background at all.

    I guess you will have to wait for an answer from Roman, Yunus or SAB. SPQRInc   SAB




    well wrote nick absolutely agree with you in those points. Everyone of us is seeing the same but it's a bit off limits of reality if they expect that someone else will do anything under their flag for free...

    Well the bitter note was when their ceo wrote its open source... don't expect too much from it...

    Well I do expect always the best from. open source as this concept is just a phenomenon since ages now. Microsoft and anyone else who was doing forseeings like it's dead already in the 90ties had to realize that they were wrong. Nowadays it's different probably at those companies but anyway open source rocks solid.



    P. s. by the way there still some good alternatives available and I'm happy that not everyone is dooming open source

    Hi bertyterty,

    Well I was using webpack 1.15.0 and it was working so far for pagekit templates or extensions, well I'm more into themes then extensions but anyway it should work in general even you have deffo to use very deprecated packages.

    When it comes to the question if pagekit is worhing it? Well depending on your skills it does, if you a pro in writing php / vue 1.x on the fly then here you go. If not then you should consider it twice in my opinion to use this system further on.

    When you ask me about another modern cms what is worthing to learn, well since Roman told me about october cms and I'm using it on one of my sites already as two projects are now in the actual work pipeline I'm more and more regretting don't have switched a longer time ago already.

    The System is using many modern technologies and is very, very nice not only for developers even for just quite better user experience. It's based on laravel and using twig as template engine, which is really great. So probably it is something what you could consider to check out :)

    Even the backend is completely different from pagkit's backend, but it's simple enough too when you get familiar with their concept. Many tutorials are available how to setup things fast, aber if you prefer uikit then there are some themes available based on them too, as one raw uikit starter template for developing your own!

    I hope this post could clarify one or two of your questions and wish a nice week :)



    I´m running a Blog with Pagekit (switched from Wordpress) and actually, there are nearly 100 Posts inside. Everything is okay, but since Pagekit seems to die, I´m thinking about the possibility to export my Blogposts to an other CMS or switching back to Wordpress.

    I think, there is currently no possibility to do that or does anybody know a way?

    It is not akut, aber fürn Notfall denkt man halt drüber nach :/

    Kein schlechter Gedanke an sich,

    Yunus tries to rescue pagekit but a plan b is always good to have.




    For now i add method to step back to one directory img src. But if someone can give better solution please update me here. Thanks :)

    Hey there,

    did you saw the extension from mercator in the markeplace? His gallery extension can give you out the whole pictures from a directory or recursive too. Probably you can modify his code to your needs to meet more your requirements.



    Hey Anthony, you will have extend the settings possibility for you extension just look how done other extensions are doing it and then you will need to gain access to anonymous visitors in the permission tab if you are in the user's menu.

    It's hosted by them and not even a documentation is available for it.

    This is the main problem to fork this project indeed.

    Closed politics are meaned as that they don't accept any commits since ages already. But still dream that someone else will develop this cms for them further under the yootheme flag, for free. :)

    Thanks for the info.

    So Yootheme is not accepting new entries for the pagekit market? that's kind of sad, I find pagekit really easy to use and lightweight it's a pity to read that it's dead all over the forum.

    Your are welcome anytime. ;)

    That is what the most of us making sad. It is a nice system that need way more love from developers. But this closed politics about commits and so on are keep new developers away i guess.

    Hi, I know this is an old post but I recently discovered Pagekit.

    I'm starting a personal project with Pagekit and was wondering if this AMP extension is more or less ready to use (the beta verion on github) or if there are plans to launch it on the marketplace. Thanks

    Hey there,

    do you mean the Google Amp support? If yes, I think you will be disappointed slightly, as the commit request was done by SPQRInc since ages ago, was never accepted by yootheme.

    Unfortinately I don't believe it will ever happen as the project is not making progress since few years now.



    Fosphatic Duke, unlike you,jhejlik really helps, and from you on this sense in General zero.

    You are only clumsy can alter the templates in Uikit 3 and that your hands are not from that place grow.

    And to create from scratch a full working template you do not have enough brains
    Alas, admit to yourself that this is true

    Is that so? Well lets check if it could be true what you try to sell as truth here.

    Well my first template I ever brought out was done by myself from scratch based on Ui3kit Starter Theme, that makes indeed like nothing else then integrated uikit version 3 instead of bootstrap framework for october cms.

    When i look at the demo site, I would say I am able to create one from scratch too Kuzmich ;)

    But well believe what you want dude, at least I don't blame someone else for my incompetence except myself, neither I start insulting bs to people who are trying to help me at all, as you did and then try to say it's your own fault... lol

    But just for next time, as a hint, if you try to make a dig or brain comparence make your homework fist or keep still failing. :S

    Elements must be placed in the grid, for example:

    More info about grid system of UIkit v2 here...

    That's exactly what he has got, almost a half year now ago as information and several Links to uikit v2 and pagekit documentation. But instead of starting learning through reading the documentations and try the code snippets, still not making progress on basic understanding seems to be at all. However his skills are lying somewhere else he claimed.

    Even how to set the background hero image with theme one was a huge task for this extreme friendly fellow.

    But thank you very much jhejlik for trying to help out here a but. That's very kind of you.




    no in general just only login and based on his permissions he will see an additional entry in the menu or not. Make a page and link the permission to a group group for example internal_member. Which you have to create first.

    The you just assign a test user this group beside of course registered member.

    Create a new menu group in the edit sites area. You should see then Main and then one you have created (members_only) for example. Create there a new blank page or two or three.

    Then you could create a sidebar navigation menu in widgets and assign the permission to same permission group. Visibility for this widget menu set only to the site you created in step 1. The Widget menu you can asign to show not main entries then but you members_only entries.

    Publish a login module for example and login with the test user. Now you should see the page link in the main navigation. Klick on it and you see your new "internal" members area in the frontend. On that page will the sidebar menu appear where you have you additional pages visible only for members. That it.



    Thanks for info. DO you tried to change htaccess? IN htaccess you can find 1 year caching for css and JS... when i changed to 0 seconds it help me :)

    So that's the local cache still, weird that I never have a problem with my Firefox settings then. On each refresh dang I see every change made...