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    found error. formmaker upload dont work with uikit3. Need to make friends with the pk-framework. I will try do it

    oh sorry i don't had the info that you are using uikit v3 based template already. Yes with uikit v3 based templates each extension that is relying on uikit v2 version won't work. The most as long it's only cosmetics are easy to upgrade, but using java script components from v2, especially the not available ones in v3, need some code rewriting indeed.

    Unfortinately too less people are supporting activly this project still and without deep knowledge of vue v1 it's not possible at all. However i hope you can find a solution and if yes, you could share it here with the rest of us.



    If you did so and initialized the Form, you should see a squere with drop a file to upload on the place you put this field type. I tested it today and it worked as it should. Your error comes when you try to make this filed type as required. This is not possible. But it don't have any influence on the functionality!



    Hey there,

    can you make as well screenshots from all the config tabs of this field type?



    p.s. if you want to set this upload field type as required it's not possible! But the field itself is working in the frontend as long you have set the right permissions and created an upload with the name you have configured.

    Sure i just uncomented as usual on any server some lines, same thing as on any other provider when it comes to pagekit.

    It brings every request with or without https as with or without www prefix to:


    When I upload a .jp2 image to page kit (jpeg-2000), it isn't recognized as an image and I can't add it to the page.

    Will there be support for this format? Ideally, it would be possible to upload a fallback image to display in unsupported browsers, but I don't think anyone visiting my website would use a browser that doesn't support jp2 since it's been around… well… since 2000 :)

    jp2 is not a web standard, just use standard .jpg and you are fine. If you want to upload it to your storage you have to whitelist this file extension first in the system settings.

    I tried it, It has error on Laragon Stack but when I tested it on WAMP , it was OK.

    But I can run it on Laragon too, It has problem with PDO...

    As i said withouth any third party things... pagekit own solution as described here. It is independend from laragon, xamp, wamp or anything. Pure php and the build in webserver coming with sympfony used in pagekit ;)

    Muchas gracias,

    If you have arch just run in the extracted folder:

    1. php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    Of course you need to install php packages before doing it and edit the php.ini in etc/php(Version Number) or in etc/php/fpm(VersionNumber) if you have php with fpm running. At least i found that ;

    php-fpm 7.2.12-1

    is an available package for arch linux distro, but i never used an arch based linux distro myself. However i don't think that there are things running that much different then other linux distributions.

    @Fosphatic Duke Precisely I was looking for the documentation of your subject, excellent the contribution, I am new in this, so I decompress it I make a yarn install and then a yarn dev or am I wrong?

    I guessed so as you opened an issue on github! :)

    You don't have to install a thing with this package, just unzip and run pagekit internal webserver, or unpack it on real webserver on (premise / online) root folder and open the url in your browser that's it!

    If you have a windows machine just download latest php package for windows and unzip it into C:\php and add it to your system or user path variable in system settings like this:

    edit the php.ini under C:\php\ and remove the ; for following modules:

    save it.

    Start now a command shell or powershell and change to the extracted directory for example: C:\tmp\pk-ui3kitify

    if you have extracted your package under c:\tmp

    now run following command in your command shell or powershell window:

    In Powershell:

    1. php .\pagekit start -s localhost:80

    or in CMD Window:

    1. php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    now open your browser and as url just type: locahost

    for admin panel: localhost/admin

    and you should see:

    User: demo

    Password: demo

    Hey there,

    as i had a request for a documentation for this page and the most difficult part for beginners is to get same results as pages setup with demo data, i have packed the ui3kitify theme to zip package. Just extract and run with build in webserver or any webserver solution for localhosts / native webserver solution.

    Admin Login:

    User: Demo

    Password: demo

    You can download the package right here.



    Yes you are right about it, If I choose a desktop linux, I'll choose Mint for sure, But I have to test it for several days too, the anonymous surfing is very handy for me, coz I don't need to VPN anymore... Thank you Sven

    Well it has just preconfigured build in web proxy i guess, but you should have no issues if you have the possibility to use vpn. For surfing "anonymous" you can use the tor browser available for any os out there. Well at least all the popular.

    Thanks for the reply. I’m not sure I understand, sorry. Is there a fix for this (I use a Mac)? If so, can you please advise how? Thanks again!

    Well till now there is no fix for it, just try different browsers, or don't mark the content during editing. This is how i do a work around this bugfix. Navigate wird keyboard in editing page and copy paste from clipboard with keyboard too. If you try an old firefox portable version then it should work without issues. But it has to be like 2 or 3 years old version.

    I found another Linux distro, Parrot security OS, it has everything including anonymous surfing, I have to install it and maybe this one will be the good one X/

    Well any linux distro should have everything you need to. It's depending on what you want to do, server or desktop. For most easy desktop setup, as Yunus already mentioned ubuntu is not the worst choise to try it out. In any country with web filter running it comes to the question if you can setup a vpn or not. If yes you should still be able to get the updates etc. for you distro if no then it's a question of what you goverment white list and what is put on blacklist.

    Yunus told me that paypal for example isn't possible anymore in turkey and as far i know their goverment has web filter as well running. Anyway he is able to use ubuntu as update the system.

    A distro for annonymous surfing is probably not the right choice as a desktop environment and development setup at all.

    My 'Edit Page' has become unstable and almost unusable. If I select a sentence to try and copy it, make it a link, make it bold or any other standard commands, as soon as I let go of the mouse the page goes to Meta, or Theme. Anybody else seeing this behavior?

    Hey, yes it's a known bug from uikit 2. You can mark anything, except that it work.

    Microsoft Internet Explorer or edge I don't remember which one of them still works.

    Pagekit is in a good shape still. ✌️

    Yes of course, these years I used VPN to surf the net ^^ but I use Firefox plugin for that, I dunno if I use VPN on Linux environment, the terminal and other stuff works or it related to loop back IP.

    Well a regular VPN connection for any traffic will solve the problem then, the system is always using the default gateway and if you have a VPN turned on it changes the default gateway to the one from VPN connection so console or anything is using it too.

    Thank you guys,

    I installed Mint, ElementaryOS and Manjaro, All of them are great, I guess Linux mint is the best choose fore me, but there is a big problem with my internet connection, I can't install everything from internet directly and this is so bad, because of government policy about internet censorship... :(

    Do you have the possibility to use VPN?