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    Yes you are right.

    In the blog it's one picture at a time, with nav arrows.

    If you click on the "more" link you get the thumbnails.

    But I don't know if you can and how you can get the thumbnails in the blog.

    I'm very sorry, but I think I can't help you more. Perhaps you could make an update to this extension ? ;)

    Perhaps too, could you try to contact "stfnhmplr" the developer of this extension : or mail to

    I hope somebody else could help you.


    Sorry for the delay, I was very busy these last days.

    If you want to add a gallery (from the Gallery extension) in a post is pretty easy.

    You must first create the Gallery in the Gallery extension.

    And then you write your blog post. You will find in the editor, an icon button for the gallery. Click on it, choose the gallery and a line will be added in the editor.

    See the attached image.

    I hope this will help you.

    Hi Everybody,

    I have installed the transifex client and can push messages.pot file.

    But I am unable to get translated files in .php format.

    The file I pull, even if the extension is .php, the content is in the .po format.

    The .tx/config file :

    1. [main]
    2. host =
    3. [pagekit-classified.messagespot]
    4. file_filter = languages/<lang>/messages.php
    5. source_file = languages/messages.pot
    6. source_lang = en
    7. type = PHP_ARRAY

    Note that when trying a set command I get an error :

    1. C:\Users\Huet\PhpstormProjects\Pagekit-Classified>tx set --auto-local -r pagekit-classified.messagespot 'languages/<lang>/messages.php' --source-lang en --source-file languages/messages.pot
    2. Le fichier spécifié est introuvable. //(File not found)//

    I was using a terminal inside PhpStorm. The OS is Windows10.

    Any idea appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    You can do the same way as for the navbar or the footer.

    You can overwrite the styles in the Site > settings > Code > Header section as you did it for the navbar.

    Just choose the good styles to be replaced.

    To do that, I'm used to use the DevTools in Google Chrome, or looking at the sources codes (inside your folders or on GitHub).

    For the backup, it depends on your webhosting. If your ISP offers you an option for backing up your site you can use it. It's the simpler, I think.

    You can too download your site via FTP. This could spend a lot of time for big website.

    For the database, if you use SQLite, that wil be saved with your files.

    If you use MySql, you need to export your database into an .sql file in order to save it.

    In the same manner as the color, you can change the padding (top and left).

    Try this :

    20px is the size of the padding top and bottom. You can put any value you want.

    But be carrefull, the size of the navbar or the footer will depends on their contents.

    You will probably need to write different values for navbar and footer, if you want to get the same size.

    And as said SPQRInc , you must not overwrite the original theme.

    Clone it if you want, or use the Site > Settings > Code or the Assets extension.

    I have tried on my theme which is a clone of Pagekit's theme one.

    In Site > Settings > Code > Footer you can add the style you want.

    I tried this code :

    1. <style>
    2. .tm-footer{
    3. backcolor: red;
    4. }
    5. </style>

    And so the footer became red !

    You can also use the SPQR's Assets extension which also works fine.

    You need to search in your theme the id or the class that you must use.


    I try to show images on a page.

    In the views/ad_edit.php I wrote this code :

    Code: part of views/ad_edit.php
    1. <div class="uk-form-row uk-grid uk-grid-width-1-3">
    2. <div class="uk-form-controls" v-for="(index, photo) in listPhotos">
    3. <img src="/storage/fevm/classified/{{}}/{{photo}}">
    4. <input type="radio" value="{{index}}" name="radio_photo" v-model="ad.ad_photo">{{index}}</input>
    5. </div>
    6. </div>

    This seems to work well :

    (The text on the top is for test only).

    This seems Ok but I got an error :

    So I replaced srcwith v-bind:src, and then I got a new error :

    So it seems that I can't do that in this way.

    How can I do that ?