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    I was thinking it would be really cool to have a pagekit extention that allowed users to sign up to your website and upload listings. these could be really simple - even just text.

    This could possibly allow for things like user blogs or user news pages on pagekit sites.

    Just an idea :)

    Thanks very much for your answer SPQR, very helpful.

    After doing some more research I can see that my first and last requests are taken care of.

    The second one regarding image: I am referring to the Pagekit logos that feature on 404 pages and on the login page at /admin. It would be nice to be able to edit these via a plugin rather than through the filesystem - but I acknowledge this is a small thing that perhaps isn't worth the effort.

    Thanks again very much for your fast and detailed response! Much appreciated!

    Hi guys,

    This is my first post. I have been using Pagekit for some time and I really like it.

    I would like to make some suggestions and share some ideas for new plugins as I thought this may be useful. If anyone knows already existing solutions to the below feature requests I would also love to hear them.

    * Change default admin URL Plugin: That Pagekit uses /admin as the standard place to login to the CMS seems like a security issue and for some sites it is very useful to change this.

    * Change all default Pagekit images Plugin: Even after changing logos in Pagekit some default Pagekit images remain discoverable on the site. It would be good to be able to replace these with a simple image upload.

    * Atom/RSS feed Plugin: It would be good to be able to setup an Atom feed instantly for any Pagekit site.