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    Hey everybody,

    I wrote my first post regarding this issue trying not to insert my personal feelings. It was just the report of things we talked about in our phone call.

    First of all: Yes. That's too late. The Pagekit community had awesome devs on board ( Tobbe, bixie, SAB and many more) but of course nobody wants to develop on a system that's almost dead.

    When I started to work with Pagekit, I tried to revive the marketplace, which had round about 3 pages full of extensions. I started creating extensions I needed for small web projects and I started loving Pagekit. That was also the reason why I started this board.

    But on the other hand there have been some pull requests, which never got merged. In most cases there has not even been a reply... So I really understand why people started to leave Pagekit's dev team.

    Round about a year ago the YooTheme guys started over a channel for Pagekit devs on Gitter - but as the documentation lacks a lot of important information, most of the questions there have not been answered. So this channel died, too.

    I remember my own words in the last Pagekit Hangout: If Pagekit does not get updates (VueJS, Webpack, ...) this project is not going to survive.

    The reasons why YooTheme can not handle the full dev of Pagekit are really plausible - but in the last time I heard a lot about things that are planned in the future: YooTheme Pro for Pagekit. Taxonomies... Well - that did not happen. Actually I'm pretty disappointed at the moment.

    Hello everybody,

    well - I did not have that much time in the past weeks. But I think, I got very interesting news - I had a little phone call with Sascha (CEO of YooTheme) and we talked a bit about the future of Pagekit. Thanks btw saschad for this :-)

    The result in a few words: YooTheme would love to see more user input. Actually they would help us to provide more content, develop some branches that fell asleep (taxonomies) - but on the other hand they do not plan a feature-release for Pagekit this year (at least not a feature-release they provided).

    There are two things we should be aware of:

    1. YooTheme would like to see more community pull requests - more dev power from the community
    2. YooTheme is not going to implement features like taxonomies this year (and I would not be suprised, if it is not going to happen 2019,2020, ...)

    saschad also told me that they would migrate YooTheme Pro to Pagekit, if somebody would upgrade Pagekit to VueJS 2.x (that would be easier for them).

    Well - I would love to hear your opinion about that :-)

    Sascha also told me that he would maybe join our next Hangout.

    Thanks to jhejlik, who supported my work financially :-) Well, I know, I would need a new laptop.

    But it's soooo hot and I really did not want to cook - so I used the money... ;-)

    Btw: Also thanks to Ben, who supported my work a while ago, too :-)


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    You should not touch the MySQL stuff at all - risk is high that it is not working after next update.

    If you can do all that with WP go with WP. Pagekit (or at least the blog extension) handles the routing in another way (more „RESTful“).

    Should not have anything to do with that...? This plugin just does this:…ite/blob/master/index.php

    It just sets $_SERVER['HTTP_MOD_REWRITE'] = 'On';.

    The author also writes:


    Some web hoster use prefixes for environment variables which makes it impossible for pagekit to recognize if mod_rewrite is enabled. This extension enforces rewritten urls.

    WARNING: Use this extension only if your website also works without the index.php in urls!