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    Actually I added

    1. <div class="uk-width-1-1">
    2. <div class="uk-cover-container uk-height-medium">
    3. <img src="test.jpg" alt="">
    4. </div>
    5. </div>

    just right on top of it. Looks "okay", but it would be cool if the image would have some "fade out" effect to the bottom and/or the cards could be a bit "lifted", just like on FB:

    Hello everybody,

    I'd like to create a Facebook-like profile header (image) with Uikit 3...

    Well - I'm actually not very experienced with Uikit 3, so maybe you can see something how to deal with it:

    This is my source:

    That's a tough thing... First of all: Are there PHP classes that can handle this? I'm not sure, whether DateTime has this calendar included...?

    Before implementing such things: Would…0/Persian-Calendar-in-PHP meet your needs?

    You created a post with a very large font size (heading).

    I corrected it now:

    It turns out that all the letters sent from the site are accumulated in Formmaker

    I also split and moved this topic, as you replied to a topic that has already been solved. We want to have one post for each issue.

    Why are you asking me? And why did you reply to a existing topic that had nothing to do with that?

    I splitted it to a new topic. To answer your question: As I am not the dev of Pagekit, I can not say that :/.

    So it was the cache problem for test link, but it has problem with the UTF-8 links , my only option is to send these links to the not found page!

    I hope SPQRInc fix this problem in the next version.

    Thanks to you Fosphatic Duke  

    Can not promise that: As I am hooking right into Pagekit's events, I am not sure, why there are problems using UTF-8...? I would have to debug that.

    Oh wow. Maybe you should go with WordPress...

    As I created a lot of extension I am using a lot by myself, I don't think they are useless. I am also using extensions from other devs and I'm very happy with it...

    I will be on vacation soon (I really need that - I had a very busy, but great, time in my new job)... I will be back on October 1th, and I would love to join the next hangout :-)

    Sorry, guys: I know, I am not very active at the moment, but I will not accept any offending or insulting posts here. Our members, especially Fossy & Yunus (and many more) are really giving their best and offer free support on a high quality level.

    So c‘mon, be patient and polite 😊