Session Timeout / Lifteime

  • Hello at all

    I am using pagekit for a little application where users have to refresh the website a few times per day.

    Now i have the problem that after 15 min the sessions times out and they get the error "Whoops, looks like something went wrong."

    So they need to login again - is there a way to change the timeout to one hour?

    i saw there is a lifetime in /app/system/config.php

    1. 'session' => [
    2. 'storage' => 'database',
    3. 'lifetime' => 3600,
    4. 'files' => "$path/tmp/sessions",
    5. 'table' => '@system_session',
    6. 'cookie' => [
    7. 'name' => 'pagekit_session',
    8. 'httponly' => true
    9. ]

    i changed the lifteime to 3600 (one hour) but it is still the same.

    i am thankfull for any informations or any help,



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