portfolio plugin issues

  • Dear friends,

    I just made a pagekit site for the first time and ran into some issues with the portfolio plugin, this is my second post:

    issue 1:

    When using "pages/edit page/theme/center the title and content" and/or "widgets/portfolio/theme/center the title" everything on the page is centering but not the portfolio plugin (I had the same with recaptcha, see other post). I checked in page and plugin "center" for content.

    issue 2:

    In portfolio settings I unchecked everything accept for "show title" and "show thumbs", but on the page it still showing date, data, read more etc... I cleared the cache but I tested it on different pc/mobile/browsers and it still shows thing I unchecked.

    issue 3:

    I made 10 projects in portfolio and in general settings I put in "30" projects per page, but it's only showing 4 at a time. If I refresh it shows 4 others, but every time only 4 total.

    pagekit version: 1.0.18

    theme: minimal

    extensions: blog (disabled), portfolio, formmaker, bixie framework

    Thanks in advance

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