Installation of Languages

  • Currently I see bunch of languages comes with pagekit.

    Maybe it would be better if instalation of languages is optional,

    and one could choose only 1 he wants during installation.

    Like, I'd never use chinese, vietnamese or indian, basically only english, and my own.

    So that makes so much folders and files taking space for nothing.

    Maybe if they were extension easily accessible via Store or smth like that? :/

  • I don't see this as a real issue if I check how big my Pagekit installations are and how small the language files are in comparison. But I understand your point if you have not that much space. But I don't want to have them as extension as then the marketplace is "spammed". Another question is about translations for extensions. What should be done with them? A similar system would not be possible so in this case the translations will be delivered.

    But all in all I think this is better placed in the issues section on GitHub as this is the official bug tracker and the place for suggestions for Pagekit. This forum aims more to get help from Pagekit users and extension developers as it is a community driven forum. I can also forward it for you if you want :)