No route found for "GET /"

  • Dear, I have another project that is operational; Download the entire project folder to my pc and save it in the path C:\xampp\htdocs.

    Start the Apache and MySql service in XAMPP

    Then I open the browser and place the path http://localhost/fdp/ where in fdp are all the files of the project.

    I realize that I get the same error mentioned above.

    That I am doing wrong or that you recommend me.

  • When you want to use pagekit locally just use the build in webserver.

    Unzip pagekit

    Download and unpack php7. 2 if you are on Mac or Linux u good to go if on windows you need to add the php path to the environment path variable.

    Then just open a command window and change the directory to unzipped pagekit directory.

    run following command:

    php pagekit start -s localhost:80

    Stat a browser and type in localhost that's it.

    If necessary php extensions are not activated pagekit installation wizard will say you that in general the MySQL extension, gd2, SSL modules have to be enabled in php.ini (just remove the ; in the line of the module you want to activate)