Our dealbreaker with pagekit - crowdfund the solution?

  • Hi all. I have become very disillusioned with wordpress and have spent weeks researching alternatives lately.

    Recently tried and installed everything that seemed groundbreaking except for ghost ( because it's node js based - not familiar with node js setups ).

    Pagekit came out on top, absolutely. Especially with the TinyMCE plugin. Do you have any idea what a breath of fresh air that is compared to the atrocious new wordpress editor? :love:

    I started falling in love with pagekit's clean design and wondered why i had just barely heard of it ( didn't show up on any 'top 10' lists )...

    ..then i discovered that the blog plugin does not do categories / taxonomies and it was a total deal breaker.

    OK, so this is free and open source software. I myself am a PHP developer. I understand that programming is hard work. Hard work is worth money.

    I read some posts here, and categories/taxonomies are apparently on the roadmap, but that was from a post that's 2 years old.

    My question is this.. would the community be interested in crowdfunding and handing the dev team of pagekit a chunk of cash as a bounty for this feature?
    Because i don't even use pagekit and i'd be happy to throw 50 bucks at the problem.

  • Hey there,

    Well the main problem is always that yootheme seems to be not willing to do a thing about pagekit. They have only excuses since ages now and wrong promises in the past.

    Now even when someone has been successful in upgrading the most depencies packages like vue they are still not reacting.

    You have to know that pagekit lives from the marketplace and this part is nowhere documented. As long yootheme isn't willing to implement the needed changes pagekit won't be able to get distributed as usual. No Plugins no themes nothing...

    Probably one day the smart guys here will be able to write a fork for this project with own marketplace and make a true open source cms system. Then and only then probably some developers will look at pagekit again or consider to develop a thing for it. Otherwise it will be used as actual for some smaller projects but that's it. If you understand vue and php then you good to go to customize it as you want. But if you are not then its not fun at all.

    Pagekit was a really cms in the past, but there is luckely an alternative that is making way more people happy since 5 years now too and has a lot of more devs as Plugins and themes in the store.



  • That's really sad. I wonder if they have given any reasons why

    I wish they would take the link off their front page and stop promoting it.

    Well, i sent them an email asking them what is up.

    As far as some developers taking up the project and continuing it... the code is cryptic, has useless automated comments and no real ones, and so many layers of abstraction that it seems overly hard to even start working on. I am a PHP developer and could not work with this without an incredible investment of time spent understanding how the code flows, for starters.

  • Dear Bob,

    Thank you for your email! Of course we still support Pagekit. Right now we have to focus on YOOtheme Pro. But Pagekit is an open-source product, so anyone is free to contribute to it.

    Best regards,


    Your YOOtheme Team

  • It's a bad joke because every contribution must have been made available for the public. But when yootheme don't have time for revision as merge the merge requests then it's not feeling like it's open source at all. Especially if the marketplace is something where you don't have any documentation about how it is implemented and how it could be extended for supporting vue 2.5 pagekit version for example.

  • Well, a crowdfunding solution is a good idea, there are a lot of open source projects running on this base or with donations (crowdfunding is maybe for private projects), look at libreoffice that started from the base of what Openoffice was.

    First you need a team interested in working with the project, which look likes we don't have at the moment, a team commited to change what there is right now, update lot of things and to code a new marketplace probably from scratch, maybe even rename the project to something like LibrePage (joking). After a working prototype of that marketplace you can go looking for the donations, but without a working and fully open project I don't think people will join.

    But count me in for whatever you need.

  • I think that early to bury PageKit as he will need further and strong development.

    After working for a long time with WordPress, I realized the buggy and terrible engine, unlike the stable running PageKit

    The more popular high-quality written modules and templates for it, the faster it will break out ahead of the competition among monsters such as Wordpress and the like

    But this is my personal opinion