Connect Tab with Switcher Uikit3

  • Hi friends!

    Well ... I have a little free time and I am working or trying to update pagekit ... Little by little because there are many components and my skills with Vue are not very good, for the moment I upgraded Uikit to version 3, jquery 3 and some views and components of vue, uikit3 does not have the autocomplete component but I managed to integrate the autocomplete jquery plugin. Now I have problems with other components and I can not get the desired result, I am trying to connect the tabs with the switcher without success. I leave some images and i hope you can help me or give some idea about this problem that I have. Btw.. Will it be Vue's version the problem? because I continue working with Vue version 1x, until I successfully implement the Uikit and its components.

    This is my code:

    i had to implemented ( uk-tab="connect: #settings-section" ) because without that connect my content did not appear... My problem is that i have all <li> like uk-active so i cant select between tabs options but if delete the connect: #settings-section then the tabs are working good but my content is hidden (the last image)

    Thanks for readme

  • Hi,

    I take off this part of my code:

    uk-tab="connect: #settings-section"

    1. <ul class="uk-nav" v-el:tab>
    2.     <li v-for="section in sections | orderBy 'priority'"><a>{{ section.label | trans }}</a></li>
    3. </ul>

    and I put the div id in the ready funcition on my .js

    1. ready: function () {
    2.$, {connect: '#settings-section'});
    3. },

    And now workis!