What is the best approach to show Cart icon in Menu

  • As you can see in attached images. I have shopping cart extension , at the page i have products listing and cart Icon in specific area. I want to show Cart icon in Header right after menu. But i want counter in cart icon as well updated each time when user click on "Add to Cart".

    So my question is, what is best approach to show Cart icon in Menu and they can linked with products listing?

    Many Thanks.

  • Hi Fossy,

    Actually i am writing e-commerce extension :)

    No its not the issue to show that. Cart is working. But I want to show Cart icon in header so that even if user is not on Products page. He can see cart.
    Currently i code it like Cart and products are from same controller of extension.

    I am trying to ask that what can be the best way to implement cart so that we can show in header all time.

    Like the same icon we have for Notifications and Conversation in pagekit-forum.org header.

    Here is code of products page


  • Hi There,

    Well I guess you will have to provide your own template then in best case too. With the icon where you want to have it. As far I know you can change the view of an extension in a template to your own needs but you want to do the different way from an extension to override the default view of a template... Im not sure if this is implemented at all into pagekit to do that.

    But unfortinately im not a big help here as I don't habe a deep knowledge about the system in the background at all.

    I guess you will have to wait for an answer from Roman, Yunus or SAB. SPQRInc  yns.wtf  SAB



  • Hi, you have two options.

    First: You could add to Page title as in the image. But this can't be dynamic.

    Second: You need make create New widget module. thus, becomes dynamic


    Yes i have tried First option, n yes its not dynamic so reached to conclusion that yes i need to develop Cart Widget. Thank you to make it clear me. :)