Error in DPNBlog

  • Hello guys,

    I use 's Advanced Blog for my website, after transferring from Siteground to another web hosting, I have several problem with Advanced blog, one of them is the posts and comments both are GONE! there are in database tables ...

    another problem I don't know what is it... maybe it is related to above issue or to PHP version...

    1. ContextErrorException in User.php line 291: Runtime Notice: Pastheme\Blog\Model\User and Pagekit\System\Model\DataModelTrait define the same property ($data) in the composition of Pastheme\Blog\Model\User. This might be incompatible, to improve maintainability consider using accessor methods in traits instead. Class was composed

    Server details:

    PHP 5.6.40 with Litespeed

    DB MySQL 5.5.5-10.2.21-MariaDB-cll-lve

    Best regards,


  • Hello My friend,

    Yes it was absolutely about the PHP version! ... sometimes I am stupid :D I dunno why ! I sent a ticket for changing the PHP version =))

    Best regards,