Extension for an internal area

  • Hello, everybody,

    seems that I haven't found the right extension yet :-(

    I'm looking for a way to give users the opportunity to see and use more menu items once they've logged in to the site than users who haven't logged in. So to speak an "internal area". The logged-in user should not have any administration abilities.

    I hope I've made myself clear.

    Is there such an extension?


  • No problem,

    you're welcome. Just create a new group and assign a page you wish to be hidden for unregistered and registered user just to the new group. Then add users to those group and login with them in the frontend and you will see it will appear where you linked it. The others won't see it.

    On that page you can integrate a side menu that is only visible to same group and create a complete navigation with many subpages for them. Here you go you new "internal" Area solution without any extensions.



  • Hello Fossy,

    I used to play around with rights management. Do I see that correctly: The (authorized) user must first log in and then call up the website from the admin area, so that he then sees the menu items that are invisible to the normal user?



  • Hi,

    no in general just only login and based on his permissions he will see an additional entry in the menu or not. Make a page and link the permission to a group group for example internal_member. Which you have to create first.

    The you just assign a test user this group beside of course registered member.

    Create a new menu group in the edit sites area. You should see then Main and then one you have created (members_only) for example. Create there a new blank page or two or three.

    Then you could create a sidebar navigation menu in widgets and assign the permission to same permission group. Visibility for this widget menu set only to the site you created in step 1. The Widget menu you can asign to show not main entries then but you members_only entries.

    Publish a login module for example and login with the test user. Now you should see the page link in the main navigation. Klick on it and you see your new "internal" members area in the frontend. On that page will the sidebar menu appear where you have you additional pages visible only for members. That it.