Underlined menus (a la Theme Minimal)

  • Hi,

    Fosphatic Duke has realised minimal theme on version 3 of UIIkit3. I ran the original less minimal theme through the less compiler and used it with his code. This works well but for one thing: In Fosphatic Duke version, the menus start to get a fading in and out underline when you hover over them. Can anyone point me to the CSS code, so I can mimic it in less? Fosphatic Duke: Tried F12 but am not versatile enough with CSS.



  • As I'm guessing its following css classes:

    This is actual state, and then there is an after state that triggers the animation:

    Plus a small after pseudo element so over all it should be following css code:

    As far i see in the line: 12169 starting in the css file...