How to be included in next big city?

  • I have done a pagekit site for a friend who Is operating as Kinesiologist in a rather small town near Baden in Switzerland. SEO seems to work nicely as she is now on the top for that town and she has significantly more customers since we moved to Pagekit and optimized the site. However, more customers would be better. What can i do to make the site show up when people enter Baden, which is only a few miles away?

  • Well content is king right? In best case a good text with explanations and so on as of course the nearby town should be mentioned too.

    check this site out that can help a lot to get better rankings. It's even in the free variant very helpful, but can be used only for one site.

    You could as well write an article about the close by town and this would be indexed for sure with right keywords should give you the wished results.