UIKit classes

  • Hi :)

    I just started using pagekit recently and I am a bit confused with the style elements that I can use. I found out that in general the UiKIt framework is used ? And when i check the elements in the UiKit documenation (https://getuikit.com/v2/docs/column.html) and try to use them on my pagekit page, then yes... it somehow works, but not really. Most elements are somehow there, but they look completely different then what I accept. What am I missing ?

    Thanks ! Greetings


  • Hi Mark,

    well uikit 2 syntax i have don't used for while now, but if you used the following code:

    1. <p class="uk-column-xlarge-1-4 uk-column-large-1-3 uk-column-medium-1-2">...</p>

    it should work like a charm as long your used template is based on uikit 2.

    However with original templates you had as well one thing to do when a component from uikit isnt working as it should, but you are sure that you used the right syntax. You have to enable it first in the template.php it's located in template folder\views\template.php

    In the upper section you will find a line where some modules are loaded by default like: uk-parallax or uk-slideshow etc etc. you have just to put a comma after an entry and then write what you want to load like "uk-sticky" if it is not loaded already for example in theme avanti you find following line:

    1. <?php $view->script('theme', 'theme:js/theme.js', ['uikit-sticky', 'uikit-lightbox', 'uikit-parallax', 'uikit-slider', 'uikit-grid', 'uikit-accordion', 'animtedtext']) ?>

    Those components are loaded by default others you have to add the way I wrote you. But that should be all to get it working as you want. Well last but not least, don't use mce during using this code snippets from documentation as it change the syntax after you safe I guarantee.