My first Pagekit-project

  • Hello there,

    Here it is: My first Pagekit project: .

    It's a Website that provides information about reptiles that are kept in a terrarium.

    As you can see: The styling was not my focus. Instead of this I wrote a little extension that calculates the minimum size of a given number of animals - or, if you want to, gets the animals you can put into a existing terrarium with a size you can define.

    It also provides a calculator that returns the yearly energy costs of your equipment.

    It's a hobby-website and no one needs the extension I wrote for it, but I had a lot of fun developing it :-)

  • Today I updated the extension I developed for my site.

    It's now able to:

    • Output the minimum dimensions of the terrarium for different animals
    • Output the "matching" animals if you already have a terrarium with specific dimensions
    • Output the power consumption for different preset devices - you are also free to define you own devices
  • This content has been translated - the language of this forum is English :) - Greetings, Roman ( SPQRInc )

    Nice site, clear structure. Congratulations.

    Schöne Seite, klare Struktur. Gratulation.