Emails not working

  • Hi there,

    Im having a problem with the email configuration and I am not sure how to resolve it. I tried the PHP-Mailer and also the SMTP Settings that are recommended by my email provider. But it is not working, I just receive "sending Email was not possible".

    I guess that I am missing some php dependencies ?



  • Well this is a old story already Mark we all had same issue for once or twice for sure.

    However the php mail isn't working for you well, because like 99% of the providers are blocking the mails coming through a php mailer.

    Correct configuration of smtps is needed. I wrote smpts as smtp emails are declined in like 99% of the cases nowadays too.

    You can try to play around with both secure ports and of course the username that's probably where you get stucked.

    You don't miss any php modules as you can't rely on php mailsend anyway.

    I had already situations where port 587 was recommended but it was working only with port 465, as well same with secure method, sometimes providers writes SSL/tls but it's like start tls and otherwise.

    Just play around with that and try to change the password of course in rare cases, for example when you use Gmail as smtp host, you have to authorize the smtp host to receive mails from 3rd party apps or hosts. It's a security by design question in rare cases, to have an additional layer of security and get rid of bad guys using regular email accounts to spam like there is no tommorow.



  • Hey Fossy,

    thanks a lot for your clear reply. I got it to work now. I noticed that the actual process is working quite well with the configuration that I took from my email hoster.

    It is just the "send Test Email" method in the settings menu thats still failing. So its rather an error in the test email function not in the SMTP Connection.

    Thanks !



  • You're welcome anytime!

    Well I never had this case till now, but I have to admit that I don't configured this function with latest version of pagekit. Any of the instances I published for me or someone else, were below the latest version as actually I'm scared to use pagekit further on, because of the unclear future of this wonderful cms.

    It's a sinking boat since years now as since the realse the creators keep holding the scepter, but caring less and less about pagekit, trying to get some people to get the hard work to upgrade the project to latest depencies or free in best case all under their name...

    But that's a different story, I'm glad you figured out that it's working as it should at least in the core feature.