Removing extension confirguration

  • I noted that the configuration information for a module is NOT removed if I remove the extension from Pagekit. How would I trigger and what would be the command to remove it?

  • I guess you have to implement drop tables on uninstall then.

    I have already find out that the most extensions on uninstallation don't remove all the tables entries as I can see some errors in log files that the unsinatalles extension isn't available after installation.

    So pagekit has some room for improvement even it's in "good shape" I guess. 😉



  • Found it. Assume your plugin is called mercator/gallery. Add a script to your plugin, e.g., script.php.

    Then add the script to your composer.json

    1. "extra": {
    2. "scripts": "scripts.php"
    3. }

    That is it.