Table Of Contents

  • Hello,

    no problem: just install the extension. In the settings you can configure on which pages the TOC should be shown (see screenshots). Now you can configure the content selector, the headline selectors and many more.

  • Today I released version 1.0.3, which comes with Widget-support.

    You can now choose, whether you would like to insert a Table Of Contents to the content automatically (you still are free to choose on which pages) or do it manually using a widget.

    This is the Changelog:

    1. ## 1.0.3
    2. - ADD: Widget-mode
    3. - ADD: Choose mode
    4. - ADD: Possibility to add custom JavaScript

    Within the next days I am going to extend the documentation of all my extensions to make sure all of you can benefit from them.

    Edit: I published a "How To" for TOC at

  • Today I released version 1.0.4, which comes with a little change. It's also more lightweight, as it got rid of some unnecessary files that came with it's dependency.

    1. ## 1.0.4
    2. - FIX: Fixed behavior on empty parameters
    3. - ADD: Replaced bower with npm/webpack
  • After releasing 1.0.6, which only fixed a really small issue, I released 1.0.7 just a minute ago. This version contains a dependency-update that fixes a bug which made the pages scroll to top, after you clicked a link with # as target (e.g. the reply-button of blog-comments).

    1. ## 1.0.7
    2. - FIX: Updated dependency (tocbot) to 4.2.1, which prevents scrolling to top of the page after clicking `href='#'` (e.g. the "Reply" link on blog-comments).
    3. ## 1.0.6
    4. - FIX: Fixed a bug that prevented that empty toc's are being shown in some cases.
  • Today I released version 1.0.8, which comes with some fixes. Thanks to Ben for reporting them :)

    1. ## 1.0.8
    2. - FIX: Adds additional class to toc in widget mode
    3. - FIX: Fixes missing translation
    4. - FIX: Removed unnecessary files and contents
    5. - FIX: Fixes html markup when TOC is running in widget mode
    6. - FIX: Solves an issue with extensions that make use of Vue.js in headings
    7. - FIX: Solved some minor issues by updating tocbot to 4.3.0
  • Today I released version 1.0.10, which comes with the following changes:

    1. # 1.0.10
    2. - FIX: Removed dependencies "caseyamcl/toc", "masterminds/html5",  "knplabs/knp-menu"
    3. - FIX: Added a improved markup fixer that solves possible problems with non-standard HTML-attributes