Table Of Contents

  • Today I released version 1.0.3, which comes with Widget-support.

    You can now choose, whether you would like to insert a Table Of Contents to the content automatically (you still are free to choose on which pages) or do it manually using a widget.

    This is the Changelog:

    1. ## 1.0.3
    2. - ADD: Widget-mode
    3. - ADD: Choose mode
    4. - ADD: Possibility to add custom JavaScript

    Within the next days I am going to extend the documentation of all my extensions to make sure all of you can benefit from them.

    Edit: I published a "How To" for TOC at

  • Today I released version 1.0.4, which comes with a little change. It's also more lightweight, as it got rid of some unnecessary files that came with it's dependency.

    1. ## 1.0.4
    2. - FIX: Fixed behavior on empty parameters
    3. - ADD: Replaced bower with npm/webpack
  • After releasing 1.0.6, which only fixed a really small issue, I released 1.0.7 just a minute ago. This version contains a dependency-update that fixes a bug which made the pages scroll to top, after you clicked a link with # as target (e.g. the reply-button of blog-comments).

    1. ## 1.0.7
    2. - FIX: Updated dependency (tocbot) to 4.2.1, which prevents scrolling to top of the page after clicking `href='#'` (e.g. the "Reply" link on blog-comments).
    3. ## 1.0.6
    4. - FIX: Fixed a bug that prevented that empty toc's are being shown in some cases.
  • Today I released version 1.0.8, which comes with some fixes. Thanks to Ben for reporting them :)

    1. ## 1.0.8
    2. - FIX: Adds additional class to toc in widget mode
    3. - FIX: Fixes missing translation
    4. - FIX: Removed unnecessary files and contents
    5. - FIX: Fixes html markup when TOC is running in widget mode
    6. - FIX: Solves an issue with extensions that make use of Vue.js in headings
    7. - FIX: Solved some minor issues by updating tocbot to 4.3.0
  • Today I released version 1.0.10, which comes with the following changes:

    1. # 1.0.10
    2. - FIX: Removed dependencies "caseyamcl/toc", "masterminds/html5",  "knplabs/knp-menu"
    3. - FIX: Added a improved markup fixer that solves possible problems with non-standard HTML-attributes