Workaround for Translation

  • Does anybody have a workaround for a page translation.
    I have german webpage and would offer an switch for other language.

    So my menu looks like this.

    - Start

    - Glossar

    - Menupoint 1

    - Subpage 1

    - Subpage 2

    - Subpage 3

    - Menupoint 2

    - And many more subpages


    I does not want to have more pagekit folders on my FTP with other languages. My wish is, for example, to have a "Subpage 1" in different languages and then display the desired one.

  • Well, right now the pagekit project is in such good shape that the guys from hamburg don't have any multi language support. This is a feature request still from beta days and keeps be a request since then.

    I have an idea how to make a fake support for a second language as long you, use sql light. Multi Language sites are often setup that way:

    Main Language ( in your case german):

    English as secondary language: or (whatever right?)

    So the basic idea is simple, you use the pagekit installation with sql light and put you main language in the root folder of you webserver, when you are done with setting everything up you just copy same content into a new subfolder called /en/ or /en-US/ whatever and then you have a 1:1 copy of the page there too. However dual or more language sites with high quality translation means always that you have to write each thing twice so you just translate on your sub installation everything you want to the language you want. After you are done you just make two language buttons or a small drowndown field where you can choose the german and your secondary language.

    Those need to be integrated in each installation, but it's not hard at all i guess. So you have two separate installations then without shared database, for informative sites it could work fine i guess. For commercial sites with transactions possibility i would not do it that way and take a multi language cms system or an online shop system like shopware, which do has support for multi language setups.



  • Ok I have set it up so far that there is a link or drop down menu in the nav that leads to a subpage.

    For better presentation I wanted to know if i can only position one icon in front of this link. So people could see better that this is the switch for the language.

    I use the Brick Themes