Formmaker permission problem

  • Hi, there,

    I created a new role (revisore) that has the only permission to "manage submission" of formmaker but, while it correctly can not access formmaker settings nor edit the form, he can disable or enable every forms.;(

    I'm using the last version of Pagekit, at the moment 1.0.15

    Hey there,

    well formmaker extension won't get any update anymore. It's slightly buggy and you can't use multiple forms at one pagekit installation as far i know. Just take a look at the opened issues tickets on github and you will see which other bugs this extension still has.



  • Maybe, We can develop the Form maker new version. Or We can new a form extension

  • Maybe, We can develop the Form maker new version. Or We can new a form extension

    I'm trying when i have time Yunus since a while. but i understand still too less about vue that's why my extension don't work still. Even you provided a good video how to make an embeded simple form. Well as extension it should have some extras like field input validation and the possibility to enable google captcha, what should work now not that hard as far i understood with pagekit 1.0.15 it's easier to use this integrated google captcha from backend for extensions too.

    In my opinion it has not to be that complicated as form maker is tbh. In 99% it's enough to have a simple contact form plus optional possibility to upload a file. But even this is barely used nowadays as the GDPR compliance force you to have a complicated solution where the uploaded data are deleted automaticaly after a period X of time.

  • Ok, I see.
    But the problem I reported is for permissions, not for using multiple forms.

    Anyway, I realized that formmaker is no longer developed.

    Are you aware of other ways to implement forms in pagekit? has provided a video how to here in forum available, with that you could make a simple contact form, or even complicated, but embedded as no google captcha option, neither form validation, which is unacceptable nowadays in my opinion as it opens doors for hackers.

    signoredellarete :

    Yes you reported a problem with permissions in a pagekit community forum. It's not official neither no one of us works for yootheme. The most here are users like you and sharing same passion for a modern cms systems like pagekit. Unfortinately the original creators don't have much love over for their outstanding project. Well it was at least outstanding 2 years ago, since then not much innovation happened, neither the depencies are up to date...

    We just try to help each other here as good as we can with the possibilty to learn something new about coding in vue for example. The coding experts like yunus and roman who did more for this cms system in last two years then anyone from yootheme officials are quite busy. That's why it takes a while till you get something new.

    If you are a skilled coder then you could help to write a modern form extension that is not buggy as hell and supports uikit 3, as uikit 2 is slightly outdated too, at least the support for it was dropped already.

    Beside that feel free to check out the forum as I'm sure many things were asked from someone else in the past as well already.



  • Hi @Fosphatic Duke Today I saw some tutorial videos on Pagekit and it seemed a bit complicated. As I said, I'm not used to programming with classes or even with javascript frameworks. I was impressed by Vue.js, I found it very powerful, but at the same time also complicated. To validate a form, however, is enough Javascript and it's not complicated, that I might be able to do.

    Can you give me the link to the video of

    So I do some tests.

    Thanks again.

    P.S. I'm Italian and also my english it's not perfect. Sometimes I use to get help in translating my thoughts :)

    I'm glad to have met you guys!

  • Look in the following thread:

    Call PHP with $POST

    Welcome to the forum and no worries about English we communicate even with hands, feets or smoke signs if nescessary.

    Everyone is welcome here, well except rude persons who are blaming here anyone for their own failing at reaching their goals as don't wanting to learn so etching as pagekit and any other cms is in most cases never a key ready solution. Especially when you have only few extensions that are available in the marketplace.