Advanced blog permission

  • Hi, there,
    I created a new role (revisore) that has permission to access the administration area, but has no permission for the Advance blog, however it can view Advanced blog in the administration area menu and create new posts also.
    This behavior is not present in the default blog, but I need categories on my project :( so I have to use the Advanced blog.

    I'm using the last version of Pagekit, at the moment 1.0.15

    Is there someone can confirm this bug and help me to find a solution?

    Thank you

  • Hi, @signoredellarete welcome to forum of Pagekit.

    I make planing at today. I can update the dpnblog while if I to be available at weekend.

    Hello guys, my name is Yunus and I'm a backend developer. If you have a problem just drop me a message, but unfortinately I can't understand everything as I'm using google translator and many things gets lost in translation. So there is a language barrier and I'm sorry about this. Be patient and we will find a solution for sure. Thank you in advance.

  • I understand a little bit more.

    Maybe this approach it's better:

    search this comment in the code /* MOD */